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NetScout monitors infrastructure with new version of nGeniusPULSE

Last year, NetScout pushed its nGeniusONE application to the cloud with the addition of nGeniusPULSE – and has now developed the tool further, to combine active tests with infrastructure monitoring.

nGeniusONE is powered by NetScout’s traffic analysis technology. It identifies the source of service problems and, with nGeniusPULSE, can also monitor the health of devices within the infrastructure. The system performs active testing to monitor SaaS, cloud-hosted or on-premises applications, VoIP services and network health.

The second iteration of the product is able to identify ‘current and potential connectivity and performance problems’ using active tests and monitoring. Clients can make sure that on-premises equipment is functioning properly, and that applications are available and meeting service levels – no matter which cloud they are hosted in, says NetScout.

In addition to the above, nGeniusPULSE 2.0 collects health information from the network, in the form of network equipment, log files and servers. Users can utilise this information to more quickly analyse problems.

nGeniusPULSE “offers an end-to-end approach that ties monitoring to root-cause analysis,” said Dan Code, an analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. He was appreciative of the fact that customers do not need to switch between applications to analyse the behaviour of applications and infrastructure (the long-sought ‘single pane of glass’ that is so desired by IT leaders).

Michael Szabados, COO of NetScout, said, “Now customers can leverage their investment in our technology through contextual workflows to track issues all the way from the service to a specific infrastructure element directly rather than using disparate tools from multiple vendors. With this new product, we are now complementing our wire data with all other data types available from the infrastructure offering the most complete and in-depth view of the health of the services and the infrastructure delivering them.”

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