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NetScout cuts service complaint response time from two days to one hour at large Scandinavian cloud provider

NetScout’s nGeniusONE platform was responsible for reducing a major Scandinavian cloud provider’s complaint response time from two days to just one hour.

With hundreds of staff working across a whole region and having to support a data centre and multiple customer cloud solutions, the firm had a lot of balls to juggle.

With complaint tickets building up in the communications area, including dropped calls, one-way conversations, echoes on the line, no connection at all, failed call-backs, terminated calls and accusations of general, poor QoS (quality-of-service), SLAs were being breached across the board.

As ever, solving the problem fell to the IT team, but use of multiple existing tools and solutions was causing, reports NetScout, “a tremendous waste of time and resources” with poor customer satisfaction and, ultimately, the risk of losing customers.

To provide a robust UCaaS (unified communications as a service), the firm decided it would be best to utilise a single overview of its problems, and this is where NetScout fit the bill.

“Deployment of nGeniusONE InfiniStreams, Packet Flow Switches and UC (unified communications) collector enabled real-time monitoring across the company’s entire UC networks in its data centers,” says NetScout.

“Monitoring of the UCC (unified communications environment allowed customers to rapidly identify and resolve service complaints.”

And the pay-off was dramatic:

“Using [software features] Call Search to find the traffic and Session Analysis to look at signalling, Playback enabled IT to identify all issues rapidly – essentially cutting troubleshooting time from two days down to one hour.”

The firm credits taking on NetScout as a way to allow customers to quickly identify and resolve unified communications issues, with ongoing real-time monitoring picking up and assessing network issues much quicker, vastly cutting down problems with “improved troubleshooting” in comparison to before.

As ever, with cloud networks become more and more complex as we move further into the “Data Age”, this company’s decision to find a solution to monitor the many and various other systems and solutions in place was the simple key to cracking longterm puzzles, and regaining control.

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