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Netgear Arlo Pro, First Take: Pricey, though copiousness of options

The latest chronicle of Netgear’s crafty small confidence camera, Arlo Pro, adds a rechargeable battery and aloft video peculiarity (720p), and two-way audio and a siren. This lets we speak to a bearer perplexing to broach a parcel, or scream during a antagonist Arlo alerts we about.

The camera comes in bafflingly secure packaging, though once you’ve fought your approach by a tabs and flaps what we get is a rather chunkier chronicle of a traditional Arlo shape, with one symbol to press to insert a rechargeable battery, and another to sync a camera to a bottom hire when we have them in a same room — a elementary and painless routine with blinking LEDs to beam you.


The Arlo Pro comes in bundles with one, two, 3 and 4 rechargeable-battery-powered cameras, and a wireless bottom hire with a built-in siren.

Image: Netgear

At one point, Netgear had hoped to do divided with a specific Arlo bottom hire and supplement a low-power wi-fi mode that a Arlo cameras use to a customary wireless entrance points. Unfortunately, 2.4GHz wi-fi has remained too renouned to do that (it would meant possibly lifting a cost of a entrance indicate by adding another radio or dropping 2.4GHz support), so that devise is off a list and Arlo Pro still comes with a possess bottom station. If you’re adding it to an existent Arlo network, it works with a bottom hire we already have.

You afterwards confirm where we wish to put a Arlo Pro and insert a captivating ascent (there’s an discretionary screw-fit confidence mount). The positioning perspective in a Arlo smartphone app lets we preview roughly in genuine time what you’re going to see in your videos, to assistance we get it in a right place. You can also pan, wizz and stagger a picture (handy if a best place to implement a camera happens to engage branch it upside down).


Keep tabs on what’s function with a Arlo Pro.

Image: Mary Branscombe/ZDNet

You can also use a app to run a motion-detection test: instead of recording a video a approach it routinely would, this flashes a LED on a camera, so we can keep adjusting a angle of a camera until a LED triggers. The Arlo Pro has a rather longer operation for detecting suit (up to 7 metres, or 23 feet) and a wider angle (130 degrees).

The advantage of rechargeable batteries is that we don’t have to keep shopping new batteries (or worrying about anticipating a source for a pricey and rather odd CR123s), or watchful for a new battery if a camera goes prosaic when you’re out of stock. The waste is that we have to block a camera in to assign — and if it’s outdoor that means holding it down and bringing it behind inside — or buy a second battery and charging station. What Arlo Pro unequivocally needs here is a solar row to keep a battery trickle-charged (which competitors like Ring already offer and Netgear is formulation to offer as an accessory). There is an outdoor-grade energy adapter so we can use it plugged in, though there won’t always be a energy hollow where we wish to use a wireless camera.

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Recent program updates have softened a battery life on a original, entirely wireless, Arlo — from around 4 months to a plain 6 months. Netgear says a rechargeable battery in a Arlo Pro will final about a same time. Two weeks after installing it, with video peculiarity set to medium, a battery spin was still during 91 percent, that suggests it will indeed final 5 to 6 months. You can also select improved video peculiarity or improved battery life, though a default optimised settings gives we good video and battery life that’s distant improved than many of a competition.

The two-way audio works good enough, as prolonged as we mark a warning in time to squeeze your phone and start talking. The summons is shrill (100 decibels), though it’s a bottom hire rather than a camera that creates a sound (and has a symbol to spin it off again), so it’s going to come from inside your house.


The Arlo library stores 7 days of recordings.

Image: Mary Branscombe/ZDNet

As with a strange Arlo, we don’t have to compensate additional to see a video of what a camera annals or to bond mixed cameras. When suit is rescued we get an warning on your phone, Apple Watch or by email, and 7 days of motion-triggered recordings are saved in a cloud. If we wish to store video for longer we can compensate a monthly fee. The warning options are utterly sophisticated, including geofencing to spin off alerts once we (and your phone) are during home, and we can use Arlo alerts as triggers for IFTT and Samsung SmartThings tasks. This means we could automatically spin on a Hue lightbulb if a Arlo spots suit too tighten to your house. You can also record onto USB storage regulating a bottom hire if we wish a footage rather than a real-time warnings.

The Arlo Pro is pricier than some alternatives, starting during £299.99 (inc. VAT) for a bottom hire and one camera in a UK ($249.99 in a US), though it has good battery life and a clever set of features. You can compensate reduction for a connected camera, though few of them compare a operation of options offering by Netgear.

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