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National Theatre moves to cloud confidence with Forcepoint

The National Theatre in London works to both teach and perform a visitors, with 3,000 performances of 30 productions any year, not to discuss those who watch a promote productions. With so many guests, a organisation’s IT plan indispensably focuses on safeguarding finish users, creation a GDPR an apparent concern. To lessen a risks involved, it is switching from on-premise cybersecurity to Forepoint’s Web Security Cloud.

As good as a common hurdles confronting any association aiming to approve with a GDPR, a National Theatre’s bequest cybersecurity resolution was too aged to accommodate a compulsory changes; for example, a on-premise reduction combined a singular indicate of failure. George Tunnicliffe, conduct of IT operations, and his group switched to Forcepoint, to yield a centrally-managed confidence resolution for users and data.

“The GDPR impacts a whole confidence portfolio,” pronounced Tunnicliffe, “so it’s essential that we are in a good position when it rolls out subsequent year. Our plan is to take into care worker poise as good as record that protects a finish users, a IT dialect and a tangible business and data. Having these elements already in place can be a disproportion between creation a few teenager tweaks or a full systems refurbish to stay within law for information insurance and security.”

The cloud resolution was commissioned in days regulating Forcepoint’s preconfigured templates, that embody GDPR-compliant examples.

Tunnicliffe added, “Forcepoint offering a true-cloud scenario. It meant that we didn’t have to adjust a infrastructure in sequence to exercise this resolution and any destiny solutions, that is my favourite approach of doing things…

“Since deployment, it’s been really quiet. We’ve not had to worry about a confidence resolution – progressing it or changing it. Forcepoint Web Security Cloud has been a ideal fit for a National Theatre.”

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