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Mozo accessories for Surface Pro, laptop, and Apple iPhone 7 Plus: hands-on

Back when we owned a Nokia Lumia 950 XL, we wanted to squeeze a cold Mozo cover that transposed a default cover, though batch was intensely limited. Mozo sent along 3 black accessories for me to exam out; a Surface Pro 3/4 Folio, iPhone 7 Plus behind cover case, and 13 in. sneaker sleeve.

Surface Pro 3/4 Folio

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The Surface Pro 3 and 4 are excellent, unstable computers and we use my Surface Pro 4 as my primary home bureau mechanism while also holding it on any business trip. If we wish to dress adult your Surface Pro 3 or 4 and use a wharf accessory, afterwards we might wish to check out a Surface Pro 3/4 Folio case.

The Folio box is designed for we to use frequently with your Surface Pro device. There is embedded glue fasten in a integrate places on a behind that also support repositioning of your device. The fasten binds your Surface Pro firmly in place.

The bi-cast leather, aka PU, looks really veteran and comes in black or brown. There is some styling on a box with opposite textures to give it a singular demeanour and assistance we reason your Surface Pro too. The element is hardened so that your arrangement is stable as well.

A 5 in. strap on a front wraps around to a back, over a camera opening, and secures with magnets to reason things together. All side ports are permitted with this hang around design.

There is room for we to secure your Type Cover onto your Surface Pro and afterwards tighten a keyboard and your Surface Pro inside a Folio case. There is usually one angle upheld by a Folio so there are some stipulations on a use with your keyboard.

I use, and prefer, a comparison Surface Pro advancing hire so that we can simply use a twin shade setup and so this sold Folio box is not ideal for my use box as it does not fit into this comparison advancing station.

The Mozo Folio for Surface Pro 3 and 4 is partial of a Designed for Surface program. It weighs in during 300 grams and is accessible now for EUR49.90 (about $55 USD).

Apple iPhone 7 Plus behind cover case

I’ve been regulating a Mozo behind cover case on my Apple iPhone 7 Plus for a final integrate of weeks and positively adore this case. It offers really small distance to my iPhone, while giving it an impossibly veteran demeanour and feel of genuine leather on a behind and sides of my iPhone.

Mozo provides soothing felt backing inside to strengthen your iPhone from scratches and a cover box snaps on really firmly to your iPhone 7 Plus. The leather extends down any side and a tip with vast openings on a bottom, left side, and right side for all ports, openings, and buttons.

The front is lifted only somewhat above a arrangement so your shade is stable when we set it face down on a table. All 4 corners are covered, that is a vicious area to strengthen when your phone is dropped.

My iPhone feels illusory in this leather cover box and it jumped to a tip of my favorite list. It is accessible now for EUR34.90 (about $38 USD). It is accessible in black leather, black walnut, light oak, and white leather.

Sneaker sleeve for 13 in. laptops

Since a Surface Pro Folio doesn’t work with my wharf solution, we can lift my Surface Pro 4 in a Sneaker Sleeve case that is designed for 13 in. laptops. It is also accessible for EUR49.90 (about $55 USD) in black.

The Sneaker Sleeve is done of a same PU element with a integrate of opposite textures. It looks veteran and stylish.

There are dual zippered compartments on a sleeve box with a categorical cell carrying an interior slot that can reason your tablet, pen, or cables. The outdoor zippered cell can be used for your wallet, business cards, or other materials. The zipper is built utterly vigourous and looks like it will final forever. The interior is lined with string board to strengthen your inclination too.

There is a covering of textured rubber element on a bottom to strengthen a bottom of a sleeve box if we set it down on a building while during a bureau or meeting. The reduce apportionment of a sleeve has a smooth, matte finish while a top apportionment has a textured leather look.

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