Friday , 27 April 2018
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Mozilla takes advantage of Facebook woes to wail isolationist Firefox add-on

In a midst of news that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will attest before Congress to answer questions about his company’s information collection and pity practices, Mozilla has begun pulling a Firefox appendage to make it harder for a amicable network to lane users once they leave a site.

“Facebook Container isolates your Facebook temperament from a rest of your web activity,” Nick Nguyen, Mozilla’s product strategist, wrote in a Tuesday post to a association blog. “When we implement it, we will continue to be means to use Facebook normally. Facebook can continue to broach their use to we and send we advertising. The disproportion is that it will be most harder for Facebook to use your activity collected off Facebook to send we ads and other targeted messages [emphasis added].”

Mozilla introduced a enclosure judgment to mainstream Firefox users in Sep when it rolled out “Firefox Multi-Account Containers,” a company-made add-on. In a approach rather identical to how Firefox – and other browsers – besiege one appendage from others to retard app- or system-wide exploits, these containers isolate cookies generated by one site from those constructed by other websites. (Normally, all cookies are stored in one memory plcae by a browser; Mozilla’s prolongation sets adult mixed “cookie jars,” or storage locations, and so prevents one site from noticing and reading cookies available by other URLs.)

“If used carefully, Containers can forestall tracking. If a site is usually non-stop in one Container, cookies set on that enclosure can't follow a user to other sites visited in non-container tabs or other containers,” Mozilla settled in a backgrounder about a technology.

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