Saturday , 26 May 2018
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MobileIron adds Apple confidence along with support for iOS 11

Enterprise mobility government (EMM) module businessman MobileIron currently announced a Apple release, directed during a flourishing need for enterprises to yield IT managers with some-more strong government and confidence facilities for Macs.

While Windows and even Chrome-based laptops are already enclosed in EMM consoles, macOS hardware has traditionally been treated as an outlier in a office, according to Nick McQuire, clamp boss of Enterprise Research during CCS Insight.

While MobileIron’s module apartment already upheld macOS for simple functions, including device configuration, millennials entering a workforce welfare Apple’s line of laptops – pushing a need for a one endpoint government plan that includes confidence and bulk licensing, according to Ojas Rege, MobileIron’s arch plan officer.

The new module will yield confidence and entrance controls for macOS inclination around a MobileIron Tunnel, that provides per-app VPN and eliminates a need for apart third-party VPNs. MobileIron’s Access use will also capacitate authentication for Mac users, giving them entrance to business apps such as Office 365 and Salesforce.

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