Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Mobile app government is being driven by unmanaged devices

The need to conduct applications on unmanaged inclination owned by employees or contractors is pushing adoption of stand-alone mobile app government (MAM) program and services, according to a new Gartner report.

By 2021, 60% of mobile apps being used in a craving will rest on during slightest one app-level government control, either on managed or unmanaged devices, Gartner’s Market Guide for Mobile Application Management said.

Unlike MAM collection that are partial of a incomparable craving mobility government (EMM) suite, a use of stand-alone MAM chartering offers reduce per-user cost and can be appealing for companies usually requiring app management, Gartner said. For other firms, EMM provides a advantage of a singular console and process set.

Often a SaaS offering, MAM is a targeted solution that thatch down craving applications and a information compared with them – not a inclination themselves, as mobile device government (MDM) does. When MAM is partial of a incomparable EMM suite, businesses are mostly compulsory to squeeze additional licenses for it.

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