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Mio DigiWalker C230 GPS

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Though it shares some of a pitfalls common to bill navigation systems, a $249.95 Mio DigiWalker C230 astounded us with a few facilities we don’t customarily see in low-cost GPS devices—notably, text-to-speech functionality. If we don’t have a lot to spend on a GPS unit—and we can endure a tiny shade and singular underline set—the C230 is one of a best bill options out there.

Measuring 3.5×3.3×0.9 inches and weighing usually 5.1 ounces, a C230 has a light, compress support that creates it easy to pierce between vehicles or use on feet or when biking. The device’s 3.5-inch touch-screen arrangement isn’t as atmospheric as a wide-screens on some unstable GPS models we’ve seen, such as a Garmin Nuvi 660, though Mio didn’t skimp on shade quality. Thanks to a 320×240-pixel resolution, a 65,000-color shade looks sharp, bright, and rarely readable, even with splendid object violence down on it by a automobile windshield. And during night, a arrangement automatically adjusts shade colors and liughtness to make observation easier.

The device’s MioMap interface is purify and intuitive, with vast buttons on a main-menu screens that are easy to brand and press. Users with vast hands might find it formidable to accurately daub a device’s smaller interface icons, however, and we had a tough time punching in addresses on a close onscreen keyboard. The inclusion of a stylus would have helped assuage these problems.

In a box is an appendage gold that includes a automobile charger, suction and glue automobile mounts, a program disc, and a quick-start guide. As for facilities on a device itself, we won’t find extras such as multimedia capabilities or Bluetooth connectivity; a C230 is a particularly navigation-only device, and even those capabilities are basic. That said, a device gets we from indicate A to indicate B though vouchsafing we get mislaid in between. The C230 comes preloaded with Tele Atlas maps of both a United States and Puerto Rico, that are stored in 1GB of built-in peep memory; we can bucket additional map information regulating a device’s SD flash-memory-card slot. Also onboard are some-more than one million points of seductiveness in categories such as entertainment, restaurants, and gas stations. Adding these points of seductiveness to your trips is simple, as a C230 supports multistop track planning.

Navigation is supposing by both onscreen content and voice prompts. Unlike many bill GPS devices, a C230 supports text-to-speech, that means it will foreordain both directions and travel names, rather than usually general directional commands. This is a acquire further we’re not used to saying in GPS inclination in this cost range. You get several visible aids, too: You can toggle a device’s maps between 2D and 3D modes, depending on your preference, and an auto-zoom environment comes in accessible in areas where many roads intersect. Another good warn is a inclusion of several reserve features, such as speeding warnings and a speeding/traffic-light-camera database.

You can devise routes on a C230 regulating several parameters: fastest, shortest, and many economical. You can also select to equivocate unpaved roads, highways, ferries, U-turns, assent roads, and fee roads. The device speaks 16 languages and supports several date and time formats, as good as both metric and majestic dimensions systems. You even get a available “pedestrian” mode for those times we feel like withdrawal a automobile or bike behind and exploring with a C230 on foot.

The C230 might usually be worldly adequate to hoop elementary navigation, though it does that pursuit well. We tested a device en track from New York City to Atlantic City, N.J., by car. Upon power-up, a C230 acquired a satellite vigilance fast and usually mislaid it when we gathering by tunnels (a common problem with GPS devices). On a road, navigation was accurate: The device got us to and from a end with no hiccups. The text-to-speech audio was transparent and easy to understand, and we had no problem reading a maps. When we intentionally took wrong turns along a way, a C230 fast recalculated a track to get us going in a right instruction again.

Despite a singular underline set, we were tender with a C230, generally deliberation a entry-level price. Accurate routing, unstable design, and text-to-speech functionality make it a inestimable choice for budget-conscious shoppers or first-time GPS buyers who don’t need modernized navigation facilities or multimedia extras.

Mio Technology, 866-646-4477


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