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Mingis on Tech: When it comes to Android phones, a notch too far?

Imitation, it’s been said, is the sincerest form of flattery.

Bezelless Phone - iPhone X NotchApple

The iPhone X notch.

Which probably explains the rush of Android smartphone makers to embrace the “notch” design made famous in Apple’s current flagship phone, the iPhone X. But is that a smart move in this form-follows-function world – especially since no one expects the Apple notch to be around forever.

With that in mind, Computerworld‘s Apple expert, Michael DeAgonia, and Android blogger JR Raphael chat with Executive Editor Ken Mingis about just what the hell is going on. (Raphael had a few pithy things to say last year about Apple’s design.)

essential phone notch 2Michael Simon/IDG

The Essential Phone notch.

As DeAgonia notes, it’s not like the notch design in the latest Android phones is used for anything other than to copy Apple’s now-distinctive design. Raphael helpfully pulls out his Moto 360 smart watch, which arrived in 2014 with what was disparaged as a “flat tire” design. (The flat tire referred to design of the Moto, which had a small blacked-out area at the bottom of the watch face.)

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