Friday , 20 July 2018
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Mingis on Tech: All about Android security

One of the many topics techies like to debate is whether Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS is more inherently secure. Sure, Apple has a closed system that makes it harder for iPhone users to get into trouble. But the frequent headlines about Android malware usually miss the point.

As Computerworld‘s JR Raphael explains, an Android user would really have to work at picking up malware. Android has multiple layers of defense; malware doesn’t install itself without user intervention; and the chances of actually coming across damaging malware is really, really small.

As Raphael explains to Computerworld Executive Editor Ken Mingis, a lot of the hype around malware on Android is, well, just that: hype. A little common sense when it comes to using your Android device will go a long way to keeping it – and the data on it – safe and secure.

There are, of course, various settings in the OS that can help keep things locked down, Raphael said. That includes making sure Google Play Protect and Find My Device are both turned on (they should be, by default), two-factor authentication is used, and screen pinning and smart lock are in use.

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