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Microsoft’s Windows 10 ‘Redstone 5’ build introduces cloud clipboard

Microsoft is finally debuting a anticipated cloud clipboard technology as partial of a latest Windows 10 “Redstone 5” exam build.


Credit: Microsoft

On May 9, Microsoft rolled out Redstone 5 Build series 17666 to Insider testers in a Fast and Skip Ahead rings. That build includes a series of a Sets windows-management facilities Microsoft officials discussed during Build 2018, a developer conference, this week.

But a categorical new underline in 17666 is a “new clipboard experience,” that allows users to duplicate calm opposite devices. By dire WIN+V in this build, testers will see this new cloud clipboard. In further to pity equipment opposite inclination by regulating a same roaming record in Timeline and Sets. The cloud clipboard also lets users pin equipment they use all a time.

Currently, clipboard story supports plain text, HTML and images reduction than 1 MB. The roamed calm on a clipboard is singular to calm reduction than 100kb.

Today’s build also allows users to select a dim thesis for File Explorer, a File Explorer context menu and a Common File Dialog (the Open and Save dialogs).

As announced during Build 2018, Microsoft has added support for Unix/Linux line endings and Macintosh line endings to Notepad, definition Notepad now supports CRLF, LF and CR. This is a developer underline that got lots of adore during a Build keynote this week. Microsoft also snuck in there a ability to prominence difference or phrases in Notepad and hunt regulating Bing. (Team Windows — don’t disaster too most with my Notepad. Love, me.)

Microsoft has stretched Search previews as of build 17666 to support apps, papers and more. Search previews can assistance users lapse to what they’re doing in papers or Remote Desktop sessions, concede users to see some-more information, and/or answer discerning questions from a web.

As we remarkable above today’s build also includes a series of enhancements to a Sets window-management feature. Sets now has an acrylic pretension bar, for all of we who see/appreciate Microsoft’s new Fluent Design. Recent Edge browser tabs now uncover adult in Alt+Tab. Users can select either apps and websites open in a new window or a new tab, and they also can opt to tongue-tied a web add-on in Sets, like they can do now in Edge.

There are other fixes in today’s Redstone 5 build, along with a list of famous issues, that are itemized in Microsoft’s blog post about 17666. There is also a list of famous issues for Sets and Office for those who are regulating Office Win32 apps with Sets.

Redstone 5 is approaching to start rolling out to mainstream users around Oct 2018.

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