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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Fall Creators Update rollout: A swell report

It’s been only about a week given Microsoft started rolling out a Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to mainstream users on several devices. What’s a early feedback demeanour like?


Credit: Microsoft

I’ve listened from a series of PC users who’ve proactively downloaded or had a refurbish pushed to them within a initial day or dual of accessibility — that is noticeably faster than what happened with a strange Windows 10 Creators Update that started rolling out in Apr 2017. I, myself, had a Fall Creators Update (1709, or Build 16299.15) pushed to a HP Spectre 13-inch device we am regulating a initial day it was available. It took months for a Creators Update to be pushed to me on a same device.

When we asked Microsoft final week how prolonged a association approaching a Fall Creators Update rollout to take, a orator sent me this statement: “The Creators Update will hurl out in a totalled proceed formed on feedback.”

Today, Oct 23, Microsoft officials posted a full blog post about the phased rolllout proceed that a association is holding with a Fall Creators Update. As it did with prior Windows 10 underline releases, Microsoft is pulling a refurbish in a staggered way, starting with newer inclination and machines “which we trust will have a best refurbish experience.”

The reason it feels as nonetheless some-more users are removing this underline refurbish faster is since Microsoft “increased a series of Windows 10 inclination we’ve tested in allege with a OEM device and ISV app partners,” according to today’s blog post.

Windows 10 for PCs has been rolling out around Windows Update, MSDN and a Volume Licensing Center, as is Windows 10 IoT Core for ARM32, x86, x64, and Windows Server 1709.

So far, Microsoft has not rolled out a Fall Update/Feature 2 recover for mainstream Windows Phone users. The association has published the list of a 14 handsets that will get a final chronicle of a Fall refurbish for Windows 10 Mobile. As Windows Central noted, dual phones are blank from a list — Lumia 640 and 640 XL. Microsoft officials have declined to contend when a association will start rolling out Feature 2 for Windows Phones, other than to contend it would be within a same timeframe as Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for PCs.

Update: Microsoft officials pronounced a HoloLens won’t be removing a Windows 10 Fall Creators Update refresh during all, as notes.

I’ve not listened many complaints from those who’ve commissioned a Fall Creators Update build with one exception. There seems to be bug causing some users’ apps and/or their icons to disappear from a Start menu and list of commissioned apps when Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is installed. I’ve listened from a few people influenced by this issue. The apps presumably are still commissioned on users’ PCs, even nonetheless they can’t see or find them. There is a proxy workaround for this bug, as Neowin notes, though no central repair yet.

I’ve also listened from one user about problems with problems installing Fall Creators Update on systems with a Samsung NVME SATA drives with SSD. This competence or competence not be singular to certain ASUS machines. Some also reported problems with NVMe drives when installing a strange Creators Update.

I’ve heard/seen a few other one-off problems on Twitter and other forums, though so far, a Windows 10 Fall Creators Update rollout feedback seems mostly positive.

IT pros wondering what’s new, from a business-feature standpoint, in a Windows 10 Fall Creators Update competence wish to check out this Microsoft blog post.

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