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Microsoft’s rebranded Azure Container Service shifts the concentration to Kubernetes

As distant as enclosure adaptation goes, Kubernetes is fast apropos a de facto standard, even as Docker Swarm and Mesos/Mesosphere DC/OS continue to find their possess niches. For a longest time, Microsoft argued that one of a advantages of a managed Azure Container Service (ACS) was a support for mixed adaptation tools, though that’s changeable a bit currently and Microsoft is changing a acronym for a Azure Container Service to “AKS.”

As we can substantially guess, that wandering “K” stands for Kubernetes, and Microsoft is clearly changeable a concentration of a use to this orchestrator, even as it isn’t changing a tangible name.

The new AKS, that provides managed Kubernetes on tip of Azure, is now in preview.

With AKS, Microsoft is putting a concentration precisely on Kubernetes. Gabe Monroy, Microsoft’s PM lead for containers on Azure, says a enclosure use grew 300 percent over a final 6 months and that it has seen a “customers tumble in adore with a stream Kubernetes support.” Like identical services, a thought here is to make it as easy as probable for Azure users to conduct and work their Kubernetes environments.

It’s value observant that regulating AKS itself is free, though we still compensate for a VMs that indeed run your containers, of course. That’s distinct a Google Container Engine, that charges users a prosaic fee per hour and cluster on a service. It’s a tiny fee, though it’s not free.

Microsoft stresses that it is saying continued seductiveness in Docker Enterprise and Mesosphere’s DC/OS and that it will continue to support a existent ACS deployment engine. “To residence a needs of a mutual customers, we are stability to work with Docker and Mesosphere to offer extended formation of their craving offers in a Azure Marketplace,” Monroy writes in today’s announcement. “The Azure Marketplace provides a same easy deployment as ACS, while adding easy in-place upgrades to craving editions, that offer value-added blurb facilities and 24×7 support.”

Earlier this year, Microsoft acquired Deis — a association that was really most focused on Kubernetes — and it also recently assimilated a Cloud Native Computing Foundation, that depends Kubernetes as one of a categorical projects. Brendan Burns, one of a co-creators of Kubernetes, now also leads a Azure enclosure efforts. All of these moves are about as clever as an publicity for a open-source plan as you’ll find.


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