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Microsoft updates Office 365 Enterprise K1 to embody Teams, StaffHub, more

Microsoft is adding some-more facilities to a Office 365 Enterprise K1 devise (its devise for “kiosk” /frontline workers), including a recently introduced Teams partnership service.

Before today’s announcement, Teams — Microsoft’s choice to Slack — was accessible usually to Office 365 business and education customers. Office 365 Government business also will get entrance to Teams during some unannounced indicate in a future.

Teams is accessible to business with paid Office Business Essentials, Business Premium, and Enterprise E1, E3, and E5 subscriptions. (Microsoft Teams also is accessible to business who purchased E4 before to a retirement.) There will not be a free, standalone chronicle of Microsoft Teams.

Teams isn’t a usually recently introduced underline for Office 365 Enterprise K1 users, according to Microsoft. Skype for Business (presence and present messaging, and a ability to attend in Skype Meeting Broadcast sessions); StaffHub (for handling workman schedules); Office 365 Video (still in preview); and PowerApps and Flow tools. K1 users also will get 2 GB of OneDrive for Business storage as partial of their subscriptions. (Microsoft formerly announced StaffHub availability for K1 users progressing this year.)

Microsoft officials pronounced today, Apr 3, that Teams and a other mint facilities will start rolling out to K1 users “in a subsequent several weeks.”

Microsoft introduced a Office 365 Kiosk skeleton in 2011. Currently, there are two Kiosk devise options: Exchange Online Kiosk for $2 per user per month, or $24 per year; and Office 365 Enterprise K1 for $4 per user per month, or $48 per year.

Enterprise K1 users also get Exchange ActiveSync support for smartphones; POP support for email clients; anti-malware and anti-spam filtering; entrance to SharePoint Online, Office Online and Yammer.

In other Office Server-related news, Microsoft announced late final week that it is phasing out support for Access services in SharePoint. Microsoft is perplexing to get those depending on Access tradition web apps to use a PowerApps technology instead.

“We no longer suggest Access Services for new apps. This underline will be late from Office 365. We will stop origination of new Access-based apps in SharePoint Online starting Jun 2017 and close down any remaining apps by Apr 2018,” according to a Mar 27 post on a Microsoft Tech Community site.

Last year, Microsoft officials motionless to re-add support for a company’s Access database to a integrate of a Office 365 tiny business plans.

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