Sunday , 27 May 2018
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Microsoft to exam blockchain-based self-sovereign ID system

Microsoft is operative to emanate a blockchain-based, decentralized digital temperament supervision height that would concede users to possess and secure entrance to their online persona around an encrypted database hub.

Over a past year, Microsoft pronounced it has been exploring how to use Blockchain and other distributed bill technologies to emanate new forms of digital identities designed to raise personal privacy, confidence and control.

“This new universe needs a new indication for digital identity, one that enhances particular remoteness and confidence opposite a earthy and digital world,” Ankur Patel, a principal product manager with Microsoft’s Identity Division, wrote in a blog post. “Rather than extend extended agree to large apps and services, and have their temperament information widespread opposite countless providers, people need a secure encrypted digital heart where they can store their temperament information and simply control entrance to it.”

Last month, Microsoft joined a ID2020 alliance, a tellurian partnership operative to emanate an open-source, blockchain-based digital temperament complement for people in a U.S. or nations who miss authorised support since of their mercantile or amicable status.

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