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Microsoft to stop work on the GigJam partnership service

Microsoft is throwing in a towel on a GigJam partnership service, after a open entrance dual years ago.


Microsoft will finish a GigJam preview module on Sep 22, 2017, officials announced today, Aug 22.

GigJam was a cloud use and compared light-weight apps designed to assistance “get work done.” Microsoft officials called a hard-to-describe charity as a “new approach to casually emanate unstructured workflows,” famous as “gigs.”

During a preview program, gigs had a default lifespan of 7 days; as of Sep 22, any remaining gigs will end automatically, Microsoft officials said.

In 2015, when GigJam was highlighted during a Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference to substantial interest, officials pronounced a use already had been years in a creation inside a CEO’s Chief Technology Office. Last Summer, Microsoft stretched a GigJam preview, opening it adult publicly to users opposite a accumulation of devices.

GigJam was designed to mangle down tasks into a set of dissimilar stairs and sets of information. Those concerned in a sold charge couldconverse (online or offline), get information from their inner business and/or software-as-a-service apps and keep lane of a processes concerned — all in a name of accomplishing tasks some-more fast and securely.

According to a TechNet blog post announcing skeleton to cancel GigJam, officials said: “The (GigJam) Preview delivered learnings and insights that will surprise destiny product experiences.”

Currently, there isn’t a singular Microsoft product or use that replicates what GigJam was attempting to do. But Microsoft is stability to demeanour for new ways to urge a approach business users combine with services like a Flow event-automation service and a Microsoft Graph focus programming interface.

Microsoft’s recently introduced Coco Framework for craving blockchain users also is looking to urge a approach business partners combine and share information.

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