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Microsoft to supplement giveaway reward facilities to for Office 365 consumer subscribers

Microsoft is starting to hurl out to Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal subscribers some reward capabilities for their accounts for free.


Among a facilities that these users of Microsoft’s consumer-focused Office 365 users are removing right off a bat are ad-free inboxes, extended malware and phishing insurance for, incomparable mailbox sizes and giveaway reward patron support.

In sequence to validate for these new benefits, users contingency also be subscribers to possibly Office 365 Home or Personal. The rollout already has begun though might take about a month for everybody who qualifies to get a new features, according to Microsoft.

For those users who also are Office 365 Home/Personal subscribers, will now be giveaway of ensign ads, as good as ads in a summary list (a k a “native ads”).

Office 365 Home and Personal subscribers also will automatically will have their attachments scanned for intensity malware threats, as good as links checked to try to conduct off feign sites downloading viruses or malware. One caveat: Users with Connected Accounts that supplement entrance to an, or other third-party comment from won’t have these modernized confidence facilities practical to these additional accounts.

In terms of mailbox storage limits, users now get 15 GB of email storage; Office 365 Home and Personal users get 50 GB. Now storage boundary will go adult to 50 GB for users with mailbox sizes of 12 GB or larger, according to Microsoft’s Oct 30 blog post announcing all these changes. users also will get giveaway technical support if they also are Office 365 Home/Personal users.

There’s an concomitant essay about these changes with some frequently asked questions (FAQs). Among those questions is a note that anyone who cancels or lets end an Office 365 Home/Personal subscription will stop removing these reward advantages for their accounts.

Also: These new reward facilities will not be combined to users’ accounts if they are Office 365 business subscribers. This is for users who are Office 365 Personal and Home users only. (Microsoft officials pronounced final week there are now 28 million active monthly users of Outlook 365 Home and Personal combined.) Office 365 Home, that is for households with one to 5 usrs, costs $100 per year; Office 365 Personal (for one user) costs $70 per year.

On a associated note, a Premium subscription offer is now sealed to new subscribers, though stream subscribers are authorised to replenish their subscriptions. Microsoft officials don’t contend Premium is being killed off, though there are no refunds for those who bought Premium and who now feel like they don’t need it since many of a facilities in it are now giveaway to them. Once Microsoft total out a resolution for transferring personalized e-mail domains to third-party providers — something it mentions in a FAQ — maybe a association will indeed dump Premium. But, again, for now, it’s still a upheld service.

Update: we asked Microsoft if a association is murdering Premium. And a central answer, from a spokesperson: “Microsoft has no skeleton to pause a standalone subscription for existent subscribers during this time.” No word re: a future.

These new giveaway services will be done automatically for anyone who sealed adult for Office 365 Personal Home regulating addresses finale in,, and/or More, vague reward facilities are entrance to this organisation of users in a future, officials said.

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