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Microsoft Teams ‘can’t contest with Slack’ and is partial of ‘confusing set of tools’, says Blenheim Chalcot CIO

Collaboration product Microsoft Teams feels “unfinished” and “just doesn’t contest with Slack”, underlining a need for a association to cut down and standardize a amicable cloud partnership offerings, says Blenhem Chalcot’s CIO, Mark Ridley.

Speaking to Computing during a systems rearchitecture in that a startup accelerator organisation intends to start “heavily regulating Azure,” Ridley settled his relations dismay during a customary of Microsoft’s partnership solutions when perplexing to mislay a shade IT component of Slack from a company.

While Ridley certified that carrying OneDrive and Teams “all in one place… could be unequivocally interesting”, and even “something powerful” in a future, he is not so certain about a state of Teams on release.

“To me, it doesn’t feel like a finished product,” lamented Ridley.

“There are still too many areas where it only doesn’t contest with Slack. Every user that we know would positively cite to use Slack – whenever we pronounce to users, all a integrations are better.”

But a same time, he continued, regulating Teams is “better than perplexing to use Skype For Business for a same thing”.

“I consider Microsoft were indeed unequivocally diseased in that kind of discuss partnership area before,” he explained.

“They brought in Yammer [too], and as an director t only looks like a really, unequivocally treacherous set of collection to use. Do we use Yammer, do we use Teams, do we use Skype for Business, do we use normal Skype?”

Ridley went on to advise that Microsoft simply connect their partnership and amicable services, and mislay any that seem to dispute with any others’ use cases.

“[Employees] are left unequivocally most to their possess devices, so what would be unequivocally useful would be if Microsoft only take a perspective and go ‘Now we’re only rebellious this one – this is where we go for a sold square of functionality’ and they only close all a others down.

“But [at a moment] it’s a arrange of general Microsoft customary [practice], with lots of opposite groups doing lots of opposite things.”

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