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Microsoft shows how Outlook is fighting behind opposite Gmail with new features

MICROSOFT HAS announced a revamp of a Outlook email service, as it fights behind opposite Google’s recently announced Gmail relaunch.

New features have begun rolling out opposite Windows, Mac and mobile with web versions accessible now and apps following during this month and next.

Quoth Outlook: “You have emails to respond to, things to take caring of, and places to be! New Outlook features—across Windows, Mac, web, and mobile – assistance we conduct your time and keep what matters many front and centre. Also, new features—coming shortly in Outlook for iOS and Android – will bond we to a people, apps, and record that energy your capability and assistance strengthen we and your business.”

It can now scratch your emails to remind we when bills are due. For iOS users, it can now use your plcae to tell we when we need to set off for that assembly in your diary.

It can tell we who has responded to assembly invites and even advise locations for a assembly or other event. It can assistance juggle mixed time zones improved too, that is a calamity when organising phone meetings.

The mobile apps are removing several features, not wholly commensurately to start with though all utterly interesting. Both get substitute support, accessible for firewalled organisations. iOS gets bcc alerting – so there’s no risk of attack “reply all” to people we never knew were saying your emails. As a sender, we can also retard forwarding too.

One of a some-more engaging new additions is a rollout of Azure Active Directory support, definition that we can entrance your company’s whole phone list as partial of your contacts. Previously limited to a desktop, a further on mobile is a judicious step for today’s mobile offices.

More to follow for mobile embody syncing adult your Drafts folder with other machines and Office Lens for Outlook, creation it easier to indicate papers or take a design of that masterpiece devise we drew adult on a whiteboard.

Further down a line, there are Favourite People, as seen in Windows 10, Quick Reply with a discuss form interface, Office 365 Groups events in Outlook, outmost calm restraint (for Android) and GDPR agreeable singular comment organisation policies. µ  



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