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Microsoft: No some-more Windows rags during all if your AV clashes with the Meltdown fix

Video: Your antivirus might strife with Windows Meltdown-Spectre patch

Microsoft won’t let we implement destiny certainty updates until your antivirus businessman sets a specific registry pivotal that certifies harmony with Windows.

As partial of this week’s certainty updates for a Meltdown and Spectre CPU attacks, Microsoft compulsory that all third-party antivirus vendors endorse harmony with a CPU fixes and afterwards to set a registry pivotal in their products to plead compatibility. Without a pivotal being set, Microsoft’s certainty refurbish simply won’t install.

Microsoft has now simplified that this new order will request to all destiny certainty updates and means users regulating non-conforming third-party antivirus won’t be stable by Microsoft’s destiny patches.

“Customers will not accept a Jan 2018 certainty updates (or any successive certainty updates) and will not be stable from certainty vulnerabilities unless their antivirus program businessman sets a following registry key”, Microsoft’s updated support page says.

A indicate to explain yet is that Microsoft won’t make this requirement indefinitely, though rather usually until it sees adequate machines have practical a Jan 3 CPU fixes. As it records in a FAQ on a issue:

Microsoft combined this requirement to safeguard business can successfully implement a Jan 2018 certainty updates. Microsoft will continue to make this requirement until there is high certainty that a infancy of business will not confront device crashes after installing a certainty updates.

During contrast of a rags for a dual attacks, Microsoft detected some antivirus had been creation “unsupported calls into Windows heart memory” that stop a appurtenance from booting or means blue shade of genocide (BSOD) errors after a patch is applied. To equivocate this issue, it introduced a new rules.

Security researcher Kevin Beaumont has gathered a list of antivirus products that are both concordant with Microsoft’s CPU refurbish and have a compulsory Windows registry pivotal set correctly. As ZDNet reported earlier this week, some vendors are doing both, while others have usually reliable compatibility.

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However, it seems required antivirus products accommodate both requirements, while next-generation certainty products have usually reliable compatibility.


Microsoft says a new order means users regulating non-conforming third-party antivirus won’t be stable by a destiny patches.

Image: CNET

Beaumont said Microsoft is regulating a new acceptance routine to forestall antivirus vendors bypassing Microsoft’s Kernel Patch Protection, that it introduced in 2007 to urge opposite rootkits.

As he notes, a bypass technique some vendors are regulating is identical to a approach rootkits work, that involves injecting their product into a Windows hypervisor to prevent complement calls to memory locations that Microsoft altered in response to a Meltdown attack.

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“Because some antivirus vendors are regulating unequivocally controversial techniques they finish adult [causing] systems to blue shade of death – aka get into reboot loops. This shouldn’t be probable in a latest handling systems, though some antivirus vendors have managed it by holding themselves into a hypervisor… Antivirus makers unequivocally shouldn’t be messing with systems like this.”

He estimates there are 5 pivotal vendors that use this technique. Beaumont argues Microsoft should set a date for when it will no longer need a harmony registry pivotal or risk a immeasurable series of machines going though patches. On a flip side, a immeasurable infancy of consumer PCs would not be regulating next-gen certainty products.

Currently, a list of entirely concordant antivirus now includes Avast, AVG, Avira, Bitdefender, ESET, F-Secure, Kaspersky, Malwarebytes, Sophos, and Symantec. McAfee, Trend Micro, and Webroot are among a firms that will shortly join this group.

However, next-gen certainty providers including CrowdStrike, Cylance, FireEye, and Palo Alto Networks have usually reliable harmony though so distant haven’t been peaceful to set a specific registry key.

Next-gen providers explain they’re not environment a registry pivotal given they don’t wish to risk causing a BSOD in a eventuality a patron also has other antivirus program installed.

A problem with next-gen providers not environment a registry pivotal is that their products used to be sole as an further to bequest antivirus, though are now being sole as a primary antivirus.

So business who’ve done that switch contingency manually set a registry pivotal to implement a updates, something that Microsoft says should usually be undertaken with impassioned caution.

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