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Microsoft is taking some of the sting out of updating Windows 10

MICROSOFT HAS announced plans to take some of the sting out of updating. 

We’ve all been there. Windows has some updates for us. But it needs to reboot. We take a gamble, after all, it’s only going to be a few minutes. An hour and two cups of tea later and the little circle of dots is still at it as we watch the percentage number creep slowly up.

Worse still are the times when the computer reboots all by itself and then seems possessed for an hour.

No Microsoft, we’re not having it that it isn’t true – we all know that it is.

The problem comes from the way updates are handled. It gets downloaded online and then the installation takes place offline. And it’s a mare – the Spring Update last year took around 80 minutes.

By the Autumn Update, this will have dropped to just over 50. It’s not because less is installing – but Microsoft has found a way to get started without having to wait for the offline bits to finish.

The key difference is that Microsoft prepares user files for the migration upfront, and then puts the new version of the OS into a temporary directory so you can carry on. 

Before we all get giddy with the thrill that could come with superfast updates, this is still going to take half an hour, but that’s at least a bit more ‘leisurely cuppa’ and a bit less ‘manic productivity crash’, which is something.

The other thing to consider is that a temporary OS is going to have to live somewhere. You might recall that the big problem with Updategate was (amongst about 30 others) that the image file of Windows 10 that was downloading without permission, was also disabling small disc drives by taking up 5GB that it just didn’t have. 

So although the March of faster updates is coming, the pay off will mean you’ll need to have the room on your hard drive to deal with it. Which means the minimum spec for a Microsoft tablet is going to scooch up again. Every silver lining has a cloud. µ  



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