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Microsoft is shutting down the giveaway ascent from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 on Jan. 16

If you’re still regulating Windows 8.1, be suggested that Microsoft tighten down mainstream support a week ago. But there’s still a last-ditch ascent trail to Windows 10: Microsoft’s assistive technology loophole, that closes Jan 16. 

Microsoft finished mainstream support for Windows 8.1 on Jan 9, 5 years after a handling system’s debut. Essentially, it’s dead, and for a normal consumer, Windows 8.1 will sojourn eternally unchanged, with no new facilities or bug fixes. Instead, Microsoft has migrated a OS to “extended support,” that will yield confidence updates for another 5 years, until 2023. 

In Microsoft’s universe view, consumers should have already migrated to Windows 10, a complicated OS with large fixes, patches, and duration updates. And while a association gave users a one-year window to ascent to Windows 10 for free, NetMarketshare shows  about 7 percent of users have refused to upgrade, or simply forgot to do it by a July, 2016 deadline.

Well, know this today: You have one final event to ascent (unless Microsoft once again extends a deadline).

windows 10 assistive record loophole Microsoft

A closeup of a sign on Microsoft’s assistive-technology website, that you’ll need to entrance to flog off a giveaway ascent to Windows 10.

When it implemented a one-year deadline for a giveaway ascent to Windows 10, Microsoft left open what some call a “assistive technology” loophole: People who use assistive technologies, such as shade readers or a Braille keyboard, would have additional time to upgrade. What done a loophole so appealing is that it ran on a respect system. So, if we had ever used Windows 10’s Narrator function, or dictation, we could theoretically disagree that we had used Microsoft’s assistive technologies and competent for a upgrade. Microsoft simply didn’t check.

Microsoft creatively warned, however, that a loophole would finish Dec. 31, 2017, then tighten forever. As it turns out, Microsoft has hold open a ascent window a bit longer, until Jan 16.

Can we contend for certain either Jan 16 is a absolute, drop-dead, pinky-swear, final cutoff for a assistive upgrade? No, we can’t. It’s probable that Microsoft really wants users to ascent to Windows 10 and is regulating a loophole as an eternally extensible behind doorway of sorts to concede upgrades. It’s also probable that Microsoft’s impulse of forgiveness will finish soon.

How do we take advantage of a upgrade? Visit Microsoft’s assistive record site and follow a instructions—which fundamentally entail clicking a large “Upgrade now” button. Check a comprehensive Windows 10 ascent guide for some-more information on what to do before, during, and after we upgrade.

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