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Microsoft is bringing new Edge apps to iOS, Android


Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is holding a subsequent step in a quest to try to keep Windows PCs relevant by bringing Edge to iOS and Android.

Microsoft isn’t doing this in a approach many had suspicion it might. The association is not porting a Edge browser to iOS and Android. It is instead bringing a Edge “experience” (its demeanour and feel) — in a form of new apps — to these non-Windows platforms.

Microsoft is not bringing Edge apps to iOS and Android simply in sequence to give users regulating Windows 10 PCs alongside non-Windows phones a softened approach to sync their bookmarks, favorites, tabs and Reading View, even nonetheless that will occur as a by-product.

Instead, Microsoft’s categorical vigilant in bringing Edge to iOS and Android is to urge a “Continue on PC” feature that it’s been touting for Windows 10.

“By far, a infancy of a Windows 10 users have iOS and Android phones,” pronounced Joe Belfiore, clamp boss of Windows Experience, during a phone talk we had with him this week. “But there’s no good complement to harmonize PCs with these phones. These dual (Edge for iOS and Android) apps will weave all this together for all a customers.”

With “Continue on PC,” users will be means to share a web site, app, photo, and other information from their phones to their Windows 10 PCs in a faster and some-more seamless way.

Instead of regulating a underlying Microsoft EdgeHTML digest engine, a iOS Edge app will use Webkit like Apple does, and a Android Edge app will use a Chromium Blink engine.

Starting today, Oct 5, iOS users can exam a Edge preview app by accessing it by Apple TestFlight. Android phone users can sign adult to try out a Android chronicle of a Edge preview app, that Microsoft officials pronounced will be entrance “soon.”

Belfiore said. Initially, both versions of Edge for iOS and Edge for Android will be in US English only, yet Microsoft officials contend they’ll enhance to other languages/countries as it expands a preview.

Not all of a facilities that eventually will be upheld in a Edge apps for iOS and Android will be accessible right out of a gate. For example, roaming passwords, history, and tabs are not there yet. And support for iPads and Android tablets will be combined during some indicate in a future.

Those contrast these new apps will usually be means to get a full “Continue on PC” knowledge during this indicate if they are Windows Insiders. But once the final Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is available, that happens starting Oct 17, anyone with a Windows 10 PC regulating that chronicle of Windows along with these new preview apps will be means to try out a “Continue on PC” feature, officials said.

Microsoft has been testing an early chronicle of “Continue on PC” with Windows Insiders given this summer. That chronicle of a feature, that compulsory testers to couple their Windows 10 PCs to their iPhones or Android phones, and enabled them to share a web page from Safari or Chrome that they could perspective on their Windows 10 PCs by adding an object to share on their phones. Belfiore pronounced Microsoft will continue to capacitate this chronicle of a “Continue on PC” unfolding yet it won’t be as elementary or underline abounding as a one that will be offering around a new Edge apps for iOS and Android.

“Microsoft won’t foster this (original “Continue on PC”) version, yet we won’t take it away,” he said.

Microsoft also is updating a Arrow Launcher for Android currently and renaming it “Microsoft Launcher.” A beta of Microsoft Launcher is accessible in a Google Play Store currently for those meddlesome in contrast it.






Microsoft Launcher is some-more customizable and feature-rich than Arrow, Belfiore said. Microsoft wants users to come to see a Launcher as delivering a best approach for Android phone users to stay connected to their Windows 10 PCs. Microsoft is adding a ability to put People as icons on Android home shade so that users eventually will be means to call, send texts, and send and accept notifications directly to those contacts.

Microsoft also is operative to make a Launcher a best approach to use a “Continue on PC” feature. For example, by dire and holding a photo, that print will open automatically on a Windows 10 PC possibly immediately or after (through a couple in a Action Center), Belfiore said. The Microsoft Launcher also includes a customizable feed including news, new activities, favorite people, and most-used apps for those who wish it.

One approach to consider about what Microsoft is doing on Android is perplexing to move some of a facilities that were renouned with Windows Phone users to a platform. The ability to customize a home shade (though not with Live Tiles like Windows Phone), a concentration on People during a center, an ability to some-more simply sync practice opposite PCs and phones are all hallmarks of Windows Mobile/Windows Phone, Belfiore noted.

“All these things are what Windows Phone users desired and adore and are what we wish to move (to Android),” he said.

The bigger-picture reason Microsoft is bringing these new Edge and Launcher apps to marketplace is to try to find ways to keep Windows PCs partial of a increasingly mobile-centric computing market. This is a plan Microsoft initial summarized during a Build discussion progressing this year.

On a associated note, Microsoft still is considering how and if it competence make a Edge browser an app accessible by a Windows Store, Belfiore said. Microsoft officials pronounced years behind this was a plan, yet to date, Microsoft has not distant a browser from a Windows 10 handling complement so that it can be updated alone and some-more frequently by a Store.

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