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Microsoft has finally certified that Windows Phone is dead

WINDOWS PHONE is no more.

After a news that HP Inc had been forced to kill off a skeleton for enlargement of a X3 range, a final stream line of devices, Microsoft, has reliable what we’ve all famous for a while. Windows as a mobile height is no more.

Windows Experience arch Joe Belfiore has reliable around Twitter that a association has put a height in “service mode” – so bug fixes and confidence rags for Kevin, though no some-more development.


The pierce is cemented by Microsoft’s ongoing “chestburster” plan that has seen a dedicted Microsoft browser, and a mobile chronicle of Edge for Android.

The association has bought several vital apps to boost a participation in other ecosystems, including Swiftkey (sob), Wunderlist and Swiftkey.

Although a height died when Microsoft sealed a Lumia section some-more than a year ago, a association has never plainly certified that a thousands of staff that were laid off meant a finish of a most maligned use .

Belfiore pronounced that one of a biggest problems had been miss of app support and pronounced that notwithstanding operative alongside a series of partners to furnish their Windows Phone apps, and even compensate them to have a participation in a Windows Phone app store, a volume of business hadn’t fit afterwards stability to support development.

The idea had been to get adoption for Continuum – a underline in Windows 10 that authorised users to switch between mechanism and mobile of a same device. In a event, a direct wasn’t as clever as people thought, and problems in growth meant it wasn’t prepared during launch.

This total with steady delays in updating Windows Phone meant that it simply couldn’t locate on.

So no Continuum, no Surface Phone and no Kevin, as a association shifts a courtesy to concordant program for Windows 10, rather than a mobile height that cost a association millions.

Bye Kevin. We had fun essay you. @micro;




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