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Microsoft confirms Office 2019 will be for Windows 10 only

MICROSOFT HAS reliable that a subsequent large iteration of a capability suite, Office 2019, will usually be accessible to Windows 10 users.

Only yesterday, as we commented on a near-static expansion total for a latest chronicle of Windows, we pronounced that Microsoft would have to do something to force people to move. This could be it.

Or it could be a biggest possess idea in history. Erm, yet.

The immeasurable infancy of holdouts with Windows 10 are craving business who have stranded with reliable Windows 7 as there has been no reason not to.

But with a immeasurable infancy of those business also regulating Office, they’re faced with a sheer choice – ascent a OS, or change their bureau suite.

But with online offerings like those from Google and Box and open source alternatives like LibreOffice, that has usually expelled a latest version, Microsoft could be about to learn another doctrine in a “you’re not a usually diversion in town, lads” department. All these offerings give options during slightest equal to Microsoft Office and will work opposite all from Linux and Mac and even Chrome OS around a web.

If Windows 7 and 8.1 users are forced to use Office on a web, afterwards they might doubt because they’ve stranded with Office during all, and any alternatives out there are expected to spend a subsequent few months emphasising to anyone who will listen that they are totally concordant and that transition and hurl out would be a doddle. That’s if they’ve any sense, anyway.

The desktop Office apartment will be upheld for utterly a while to come for a elementary reason that notwithstanding a fact that Microsoft, Google et al, would like we to consider that cloud alternatives are better, there’ll always be a marketplace for a apps. So design Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Skype for Business etc etc to start rolling out in preview in Q3, yet it’s presumably that Office 365 will be heavily peddled alongside.

What Microsoft is indeed doing, is presenting a approach out, and it could be some-more savvy IT managers confirm it’s time to take it. µ



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