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Microsoft adds new mail, calendar, mobile facilities opposite the several Outlook clients

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The Outlook group is adding — and formulation to supplement — a garland of new facilities opposite a many flavors of Outlook starting now and stability by a summer.

In an Apr 30 blog post on what’s now famous as a “Microsoft 365” blog (formerly a Office blog), Microsoft officials minute a entrance updates and supposing timing for them.

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(Credit: Microsoft)

Outlook for Windows users are removing suggested eventuality locations and assembly rooms. Microsoft explained:

“Once we start to form in a plcae field, Outlook suggests options formed on Bing and afterwards autocompletes your assembly plcae with a required information. For open locations, a abounding plcae underline in Outlook adds a full residence to your Outlook calendar event. Outlook for iOS will afterwards use your stream location, your end address, and trade updates to send we a presentation to let we know when it is time to leave for your subsequent event, to make certain we get there on time.”

Outlook for Windows and Outlook on a Web users are removing assembly RSVP tracking and forwarding, as well. And all variants of Outlook are removing a ability to refurbish sum for large meetings (more than 500 recipients) down to a particular level.

Outlook for iOS users can now see a sum of an organization’s office as partial of their Outlook hit information, with some-more granular levels of fact accessible if a company’s information is connected to Azure Active Directory.

On a “coming soon” list, Microsoft is adding a ability to breeze a summary in Outlook one one device and finish it on another. This capability will be combined to Outlook for iOS in May; it’s already accessible in Outlook for Windows, Mac and Android. Office Lens formation with Outlook is entrance to Outlook for Android in May. Support for Office 365 Groups for OneNote and assembly events will be combined to Outlook for iOS in June.

Microsoft’s blog post has additional facilities and smoothness dates listed for even some-more Outlook features opposite a many opposite product versions that are all named “Outlook.”






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