Wednesday , 18 July 2018
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MarkLogic 9 aims to make sure your data’s safe when it’s at rest

The database landscape is much more diverse than it once was, thanks in large part to big data, and on Tuesday, one of today’s newer contenders unveiled an upcoming release featuring a major boost in security.

Version 9 of MarkLogic’s namesake NoSQL database will be available at the end of this year, and one of its key new features is the inclusion of Cryptsoft’s KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) technology.

MarkLogic has placed its bets on companies’ need to integrate data from dispersed enterprise silos — a task that has often required the use of so-called ETL tools to extract, transform and load data into a traditional relational database. Aiming to offer an alternative approach, MarkLogic’s technology combines the flexibility, scalability and agility of NoSQL with enterprise-hardened features like government-grade security and high availability, the vendor says.

Now coming up in the next generation of the software will be a variety of improvements in data integration, manageability and security, the company says, but certainly most notable among them is the addition of Cryptsoft’s KMIP.

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