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Malwarebytes takes cybersecurity management to the cloud

The number of cyber threats affecting the world is rising, and the threats themselves are evolving. This is what Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes, told us when we interviewed him at InfoSec recently, and is behind the company’s decision to launch its new Endpoint Protection cloud platform.

To better understand the threats facing UK businesses specifically, Malwarebytes conducted a survey using data taken from business endpoints running its software in Europe in Q1’16 and Q1’17. It found that the incidents of threats rose 500 per cent YoY, and no single type of threat declined significantly.

While ransomware was down 4 per cent across Europe, the number of attacks rose 57 per cent in the UK. In fact, the country is by far the biggest target in Europe, affected by three times as many ransomware attacks as the next-closest country, France.

Across the region, Italy and the UK were almost tied (16.3 per cent versus 16.2 per cent) as the countries with the highest number of recorded cyber attacks.

Anti-ransomware is one of Malwarebytes’ layers of protection; the others are anti-exploit and anti-malware. Its new tool for businesses combines the three (Endpoint Protection) with its new Cloud Platform and Incident Response products.

Endpoint Protection features multiple layers of detection technologies in a single agent, including the Anomaly Detection layer, which uses machine learning to separate ‘good’ files from bad – without using a signature-based (or similar) approach.

Incident Response is a threat detection and remediation tool, built on a cloud-management platform. Because of this, it is inherently scalable and flexible. The Cloud Platform product itself can be used to manage all endpoints on the network – which are protected even when not connected to the platform itself.

Malwarebytes will officially launch the tool later this month.

Computing‘s Enterprise Security and Risk Management Summit 2017 will be held 23rd November at the Tower Bridge Hilton.

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