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LuminosityLink spyware giving enemy sum control of your PC is taken out by cops

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The UK’s National Crime Agency says it’s infirm a widely-used remote-access trojan (RAT) that was used opposite 78 countries and sole to over 8,600 buyers.

The RAT, dubbed LuminosityLink, flush in mid-2015 and was marketed as a legitimate apparatus for Windows administrators and business owners to “manage a vast volume of computers concurrently”.

Advertised facilities enclosed a ability to “control your clients around Remote Desktop, Remote Webcam”, automatically record keystrokes, redeem passwords, and hunt and conduct files. It was also able of disabling antivirus and anti-malware software.

According to a Proofpoint malware researchers who detected a RAT, Luminosity’s makers substantially marketed it as a legitimate business apparatus due to a then-recent self-assurance and sentencing of Alex Yucel, a author of a scandalous Blackshades RAT.

NCA and Europol investigators trust there are thousands of Luminosity victims opposite a world. UK investigators have found justification of stolen personal details, logon credentials, passwords, private photographs, video footage, and other data.

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“Law-enforcement activity has now finished a accessibility of this tool, and it can no longer be used by those who bought it,” a NCA said in statement.

The Luminosity RAT was deliberate a dangerous hazard since of a features, palliate of use, and low cost. Anyone with a desire to view on victims and take private information could do so for as small as £30.


LuminosityLink buyers could configure putrescent computers regulating this interface.

Image: Palo Alto Networks

Arrests associated to Luminosity indeed began in September. However, for operational reasons they were kept underneath wraps until today’s announcements by Europol and a NCA.

Police in Europe, Australia, and a US have carried out arrests and hunt warrants as good as arising cease-and-desist notifications, according to a NCA.

“Luminosity Link is an immorality hacking apparatus that can fleece victims’ lives,” pronounced David Cox, a comparison questioning officer with NCA’s National Cyber Crime Unit.

“Through a work with army and general partners, a RAT is no longer accessible for sale and no longer works. More than 100 exhibits were seized during a UK operation that investigators are now operative through.”

Researchers during Proofpoint detected Luminosity being distributed around a Sundown feat kit, that pounded afterwards new Flash Player flaws as good as comparison Windows flaws.

The feat pack was delivered in links in phishing email. By Jun 2016, Palo Alto Networks detected over 50,000 attempted LuminosityLink infections on a network, that enclosed 18,000 singular samples of a malware.

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