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Logitech M330 Silent Plus

The overpower is loud when we use a $29.99 Logitech M330 Silent Plus mouse. And that’s by design: You might not even comprehend how loud your stream rodent has been all this time until we try this one. Then you’ll notice what you’ve been putting adult with.

For some, a clickety-click of a customary rodent might have always been a comforting accessory to a tappity-tap of a keyboard. But for some situations, a choice for a still rodent could be an appealing option, either it’s one rodent or 30: in an open-plan office, a domicile with sleeping tiny children, a library, a mechanism lab. (That said, a M330’s wireless pattern might make it reduction matched for deployment in public-use spaces where a untethered rodent could just, ahem, scuttle away.)

The M330 Silent Mouse is also a perfect, maybe even crucial, element for any artistic veteran or fan operative in a recording environment, such as broadcasting, film or video production, or podcasting. In those arenas, a click could be an irritating or even a dear cost to compensate when navigating a computer-based prolongation system. That alone could make a M330 Silent Plus no-brainer-worth a cost in saved remediation time.

Design Features

The Logitech M330 Silent Mouse has a compact, appealing pattern that should fit many palm sizes. It felt gentle to use with a smallish right hand. The bend strike a bottom of a fingers naturally, vouchsafing a index and center fingers upsurge over a buttons. Along a bottom left is a slight, textured gash that valid a good resting mark (as intended) for a thumb…

Logitech M300 Silent Mouse (Thumb Rest)

Between a dual rodent buttons sits a common corkscrew wheel. The circle has a distinguished arise and a serrated texture…

Logitech M330 Silent Mouse (Scroll Wheel)

On a underside of a rodent sits a energy on/off button, and a battery compartment…

Logitech M330 Silent Mouse (Underside)

The battery cell is both secure and easy to mislay by shifting your finger down. Inside a cell sits a AA battery, as good as a container that can residence Logitech’s enclosed 2.4GHz wireless receiver when it’s not plugged into a USB pier somewhere…

Logitech M330 Silent Mouse (Battery Compartment)

The receiver transmits opposite a stretch of adult to 10 meters. While a receiver itself doesn’t support Logitech’s Unifying technology, a rodent will work with a Unifying receiver that we might already have for another Logitech device, such as a Logitech keyboard. The Unifying record lets we use one concordant USB receiver to fetch a vigilance for mixed inclination that support Unifying, so provident we a USB port. (It also, ahem, helps Logitech keep shoppers brand-loyal.) The rodent is concordant with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux-based computers.

The M330 Silent Plus measures 4.2×2.7×1.5 inches and weighs usually 3.2 ounces. Logitech also offers a somewhat smaller chronicle of a mouse, a M220 Silent. (Its list cost is somewhat lower, during $24.95.) You can see a dual beside any other here; that’s a M220 Silent in black on a right…

Logitech M330 Silent Mouse (Side by Side Comparison)

That more-portable denote has an ambidextrous pattern that lacks a M330 Silent Plus’ ride rest. The footprint is a bit smaller (3.9 inches prolonged and 2.4 inches wide), and it’s a scootch lighter (2.7 ounces).

Setup, Usability Conclusions

Setting adult a M330 Silent Plus is straightforward. The initial time we use a mouse, you’ll need to lift out a add-on on a underside so a battery will be available…

Logitech M330 Silent Mouse (Pull Out Tab)

Next, mislay a battery cover to entrance a USB dongle, insert a dongle into a USB port, and you’re off to a comparatively wordless races. It’s as easy as it gets.

Logitech says a battery can final adult to 24 months. Shuttling a energy symbol on and off will assistance safety battery life, yet so will a mouse’s ability to automatically enter nap mode if it detects it’s not in use.

This is a customary three-button rodent in many respects, yet we did find it peculiar that Logitech’s brief, three-picture setup beam creates no discuss of a symbol behavior. Granted, Logitech went for abruptness and minimalism, copy a stairs on a behind of a card insert that’s partial of a blister-pack packaging, yet an whole half of a insert goes unused. And Logitech usually mentions a support URL for questions, with no denote that you’ll substantially have to go to that site to figure out how a corkscrew circle works.

How a scroll wheel works? Now, you’d consider that that is a no-brainer, but…

Forward and back scrolling works as you’d expect. What happens when we press down for a middle-click, though, might change depending on a focus you’re using. In “most” Internet browsers, Logitech says to pattern a middle-click to tighten browser tabs if we click anywhere on a tab, or to open a couple in a new tab. Also, in many browsers, Logitech says that when we middle-click a folder in your bookmarks bar, any Web site in a folder will open in a possess tab. Finally, in “many” applications, if we click and reason a center button, we can drag a rodent to corkscrew in any direction. These were all accessible shortcuts, yet we were during sea we until we speckled that info in Logitech’s downloadable PDF. That info needs to get on or in a packaging, stat.

So, how did a rodent work? The overpower is relative. It’s not perfectly silent—there’s still a bit of a thump, if not a click. But a M330 Silent Plus is noticeably and dramatically quieter than prior Logitech (and others’) non-silent mice we’ve tried. Logitech claims a rodent is 90 percent quieter than customary mice. We didn’t have an anechoic cover accessible to determine that, yet it seems a reasonable explain by eyeballing—nay, earballing?—it.

We generally favourite how a “click” movement of a buttons felt buttery-smooth, and how a categorical buttons compulsory a full length of a finger to press. That’s a pattern indicate that’s always finger-friendlier and helps wand off palm fatigue.

As for a tangible rodent tracking, we had no complaints on a accumulation of surfaces that we tested, and we moused around with a M330 all over a house. The M330 has Logitech’s Advanced Optical Tracking, that Logitech claims enables “ultra precise” tracking on “almost” any surface. In a experience, we had no issues, either we were mousing divided during a wooden table, on a square of paper, or even on fabric.

At a $29.99, and ignored to around $20 during this mid-December 2016 essay on several e-tail sites, a Logitech M330 Silent Plus rodent is a pretty labelled value-add that will interest to anyone for whom sound could be an issue. That ranges from those regulating a rodent in veteran recording situations to those who need overpower so their roommate or poignant other can sleep. We’d also like to see a connected (and maybe even cheaper?) version of a Silent Plus that could be deployed in open scenarios—such as a lab or a library—where 30 or 40 mice operative divided during a same time is a clickin’ cacophony.


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