Monday , 24 September 2018
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Location-based services move beyond mobile and into enterprise apps

GPS has been with us for many years, and this is what most consumers think about when they hear the term location-based services (LBS). While the satellite-based routing capability needed to help us get directions will remain an important capability for the foreseeable future, location-based services is morphing into something that is well beyond what the original creators envisioned.

Indeed, as we progress to a more autonomous world, the future will be driven by a required knowledge of location, both internally and externally to our immediate environment. This includes in-building and other enclosed spaces, something GPS is not capable of providing. Further, location will be used as a filter for providing many forms of additional related data. Knowing what’s around us is the only way we can operate autonomous “things” as well as mobile devices doing real work. Finally, the notion of what is a map is changing dramatically as high-resolution images, environmental factors, and augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) capability make their way into location-enabled apps.

Currently most LBS are stand-alone applications that operate independently. But location services will be a key component of virtually all future solutions for a variety of needs, including artificial intelligence (AI), AR/VR, drones, simulation/modeling, data analysis, etc. No longer standalone implementations, most LBS will be available as cloud-based services.

An ability to access LBS via a real-time API/SDK is critical to making future services useful, especially in business. While many mobile apps already have an LBS capability, virtually all enterprise apps will ultimately add location services as a component, making it more relevant to users, as well as creating a means to achieve much better outcomes and enable more efficient analysis.

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