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Lionel Richie recreationist ‘proves’ that Microsoft Edge has best battery life

MICROSOFT IS banging on about how great the battery life is when users succumb to using its half-finished Edge browser.

The arrival of the Creators Update has given Redmond new ammo in its fight to steer people away from the all-conquering Google Chrome. Now pay attention because


Microsoft did the testing on three identical Surface Book laptops, streaming full-screen video from Vimeo (for some reason) running build 15063 (the Creators Update). The result shows that Microsoft Edge lasted for 751 minutes – 77 per cent longer than Firefox 52 (424 minutes), and 35 percent longer than Chrome 57 (557 minutes).

Microsoft has offered a more detailed methodology on how it did the test than it managed to bring users for security patches this month, so 10 out of 10 there for getting your priorities in order.

In the test video there’s a mixture of shots of the desert, undersea creators, pretty ladies in bikinis or playing with phones (undoubtedly not Windows Mobile) and this rather peculiar moment which appears to be of an outtake from The Great Pottery Throwdown, in which our heroine is trying to recreate Lionel Richie’s classic “Hello” video. Badly.

The argument over who has the biggest c*ck in internet browsing has been going on for some time, with Chrome, Opera and Edge all claiming to have the upper hand, depending on what methodology is used.

It’s worth noting that for the purposes of testing, there was no sound on, Bluetooth, location, ambient light detection and the cache was cleared. So in terms of the real world, it’s only missing the wardrobe to Narnia.

We suspect that Google will respond with a test using YouTube instead of Vimeo and then Opera will respond with something to do with VPNs and Vikings.

It’s all a bit tiresome, to be honest. µ



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