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LG V30 sequel to debut at MWC with Huawei-rivalling AI camera

PHONE MAKER LG will unveil a new version of its V30 flagship at MWC this month, and it will pack a Huawei-rivalling AI camera. 

That’s according to, er, LG, which has prematurely confirmed that it’ll show off its ‘Vision AI’ tech in Barcelona. This tech will make the camera on the new LG V30 “even easier and smarter to use” by automatically analysing what you’re taking a photo of and recommending the best shooting mode from eight: portrait, food, pet, landscape, city, flower, sunrise, and sunset.

According to LG, Vision AI takes into consideration the angle of view, colour, reflections, backlighting and saturation levels to determine what the camera is focusing on in order to recommend the best setting. 

“For example, pointing the camera at a plate of pasta will result in food mode being invoked, resulting in warmer colours and heightened sharpening for the most appetising shot possible,” LG explains.

The AI-powered camera will also offer some Amazon-esque shopping functionality. LG’s Vision AI will be capable of automatically scanning QR codes, carrying out image searches and providing shopping options including where to purchase the item for the lowest price, or similar products that you might be interested in.  

Additionally, the LG V30 will offer a new low-light shooting mode that automatically brightens images in dim environments by a factor of two. 

Alongside a new camera, LG will also introduce a new Voice AI to accompany Google Assistant. The V30 will include 23 LG-exclusive Assistant commands, enabling users to ask the digital helper to take a photo in panoramic mode or to take a wide-angle selfie. 

“As we communicated last month at CES, the future for LG lies in AI, not just hardware specs and processing speeds,” said Ha Jeung-uk, senior vice president and business unit leader for LG.

“Creating smarter smartphones will be our focus going forward and we are confident that consumers will appreciate the advanced user experience with the enhanced V30 that many have been asking and waiting for.”

While the V30 will debut this month, rumour has it that the firm has delayed the launch of the LG G7. While LG has denied the rumours, reports had claimed that LG Electronics vice chairman and CEO Jo Seong-jin ordered the company’s engineers to halt work on the existing G7 hardware and instead start building a new flagship from scratch. µ



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