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Lenovo’s ThinkPad turns 25: Here are 25 contribution to symbol a anniversary

The ThinkPad is 25 and Lenovo is celebrating

Happy birthday, ThinkPad! Lenovo’s iconic laptop’s 25th birthday will be remarkable by an eventuality in Japan as a association rolls out a special book of a device that spurred corporate mobility.

The ThinkPad — primarily an IBM origination — has thrived as it has altered hands to Lenovo. Lenovo has already teased a destiny ThinkPad antecedent that bends and folds like a book. This ThinkPad isn’t anywhere nearby production, yet a antecedent was utterly a judgment laptop.

To symbol a 25th anniversary, ThinkPad launched a singular book indication that facilities a classical design, ThinkPad Classic keyboard, and resembles progressing models such as a 700C. CNET called it an costly oddity.


However, a Anniversary Edition ThinkPad has an Intel Core i7 processor as good as Nvidia GeForce graphics and 14-inch HD display. The ThinkPad Anniversary Edition will run we $1,899 in singular quantities and is expected to be seen as a collector’s item.

With Lenovo’s birthday it’s value surveying a few pivotal facts:

  1. The father of a ThinkPad is Arimasa Naitoh. Naitoh is a reason Lenovo is carrying a ThinkPad birthday celebration in Japan.
  2. There have been 4 generations of a ThinkPad, yet models that are countless and tough to track. Why? IBM and after Lenovo would customize models for corporate customers.
  3. IBM was spurred to follow battery powered computing after a Harvard Business Review essay remarkable IT would change how companies compete. In 1984, IBM supposing Harvard with luggable PCs weighing in during 35 pounds. The thought was to have a mechanism absolute adequate to use VisiCalc for analysis.
  4. The Harvard business for IBM was underneath conflict by other mechanism makers — particularly Apple and DEC. IBM’s Yamato lab in Japan was tasked with cooking adult something that could compete. IBM also indispensable to contest with Toshiba and Compaq, that made a initial dual unstable notebooks.
  5. Project Aloha was a strange formula name for what became a ThinkPad.
  6. Keyboards were always a ThinkPad’s strength given they were descendents of a IBM Selectric electronic typewriter.
  7. The ThinkPad predecessor was creatively going to launch in 1990 for prolongation runs, yet IBM’s North Carolina heart couldn’t get a tools to fit together well. The ThinkPad was cramming mixed tools together in a tiny (at a time) shell.
  8. The vigour to launch a ThinkPad was intense. IBM was pulling to keep a Harvard Business School happy.
  9. IBM didn’t put a large selling pull behind a L40 SX partly since it wasn’t a pattern delight as most as an engineering and production one. Another wrinkle: The L40 SX didn’t have adequate IBM technologies in it. The L40 SX did offer as a predecessor to a ThinkPad brand.
  10. 700C was designed to be a L40 SX’s deputy underneath Project Nectarine. The large allege for 700C was a tone LCD — even yet it wasn’t transparent how most tone would make it into a screen. In 1992, a ThinkPad code launched.
  11. Two other vicious decisions with a 700C were that a cover would be black and embody a ThinkPad’s iconic TrackPoint. The ThinkPad 700C had a developer’s launch in Apr 1992.
  12. The 700C launched during Comdex weighing in during 5.7 pounds and came with a $4,350 cost tag.

  13. The ThinkPad has been to space, down a Nile River and on tip of Mount Everest.
  14. In Dec 1993, a ThinkPad 750C went into space when NASA remade a Hubble Telescope. The ThinkPad was an off-the-shelf version. The ThinkPad became a NASA workhorse device.
  15. Tim Cook, now Apple CEO, was among a initial in IBM to disagree that Big Blue should make a consumer notebook.
  16. In 1995-1996, a ThinkPad was strike with peculiarity issues. The StinkPad became a moniker. IBM CEO Lou Gerstner pushed peculiarity improvements. IBM began to guard how students abused ThinkPads to urge reliability.
  17. 1995 brought a ThinkPad 701c, that offering a separate keyboard into dual erratic pieces and reunited them when a laptop opened.
  18. 1997 brought a ThinkPad 770, that had a DVD-ROM.
  19. The ThinkPad group adopted strategies from a automobile attention — including atmosphere bags — to capacitate a ThinkPad to take some-more abuse. The ThinkPad T60 had a hurl cage.
  20. In 2000, a Lenovo X20 launched a X array of ThinkPads.
  21. The ThinkPad T42 featured a fingerprint reader in 2004.
  22. The ThinkPad X41 seemed in 2005 and enclosed a shade that twisted. IBM, that sole a PC business to Lenovo, set a theatre for a Yoga/ThinkPad multiple years later.
  23. Lenovo’s X300 was labelled during $2,700 to $3,000 and heavily promoted during a Beijing Summer Olympics. The 2008 launch arrived only as a financial predicament hit. The upside is that X300 set a theatre for a X1 Carbon.
  24. Lenovo fused a ThinkPad and Yoga approaches with a ThinkPad Carbon, Yoga, and Tablet. The concentration is to be a pivotal business tool.
  25. And now Lenovo has floated a judgment automobile of a destiny ThinkPad. When will this device launch? Who knows, yet Lenovo will adjust a ThinkPad code for a foreseeable future.

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Source: Lenovo; “How a ThinkPad Changed a World and Is Shaping a Future”

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