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Lenovo’s rapid new ThinkSystems are ripping adult a benchmarking book

Lenovo has unleashed a horde of new ThinkSystem servers that advantage from a latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors, and this hardware has set a whole bucket of new universe record benchmarks.

To be precise, according to a association a new server portfolio has racked adult 42 record opening benchmarks, no less, as totalled by benchmarking organisations including TPC and SPEC (Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation).

The new operation comprises of 14 configurable servers including one building model, along with rack, unenlightened and blade platforms, designed to be rarely scalable and to work seamlessly with a company’s existent IT investments.

The annals Lenovo achieved embody being a initial to mangle a $100/transaction per second per E benchmark on TPC-E, attack $93.48 USD/tpsE2, that was 16% reduce than a prior best of $111.65 USD/tpsE3 (lower is better).

Lenovo also strike a tip TPC-E opening for a 2-socket complement recording 6,598.36 tpsE2, and managed to uncover off a bravery in terms of a financial markets, with a ThinkSystem SR950 and SR650 environment 26 STAC-M3 universe record benchmarks (challenging workloads in time-series analytics).

Furthermore, a organisation boasted that it set annals in SPECvirt_sc20135 for a 2-socket server, and SPECjbb20156 benchmarks (don’t we only adore these familiar names?) with 1, 2, 4, and 8-socket servers. In short, we won’t be lacking on a opening front with these new servers, Lenovo insists.

Kim Stevenson, Senior VP, Data Centre Infrastructure Business during Lenovo, commented: “Today’s formula are an glorious covenant to Lenovo’s ThinkSystem server creation and record design. The perfect series and a farrago of these benchmarks denote Lenovo’s joining to creation and drives business value for a customers, permitting them to run a many perfectionist workloads and applications.”

Thinking big

As for a servers themselves, a aforementioned ThinkSystem SR950 (pictured top) is Lenovo’s flagship mission-critical server, ancillary from dual to 8 Intel Xeon Scalable family CPUs (up to 28-core processors, 56-threads) in a singular 4U chassis.

It also offers 96 DIMM sockets definition we can incorporate adult to 12TB of 2666MHz memory, and a section advantages from a modular pattern to make servicing and upgrades easy to achieve.

Lenovo says that this savage of a ThinkSystem is no reduction than 45% faster in opening terms compared to a prior era of servers.

The building server charity pitched during SMBs is a ThinkSystem ST550 (pictured above), a dual-socket server ancillary a span of processors from a Xeon Scalable family (using CPUs of adult to 20-cores).

The ST550 can be installed with adult to 768GB of complement memory and offers a far-reaching array of storage options with possibly 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch hot-swappable expostulate bays. For example, a server can be versed with adult to 20 x 2.5-inch expostulate bays, or adult to 8 x 3.5-inch bays, or a multiple of both, with copiousness of coherence in a choices here.

Lenovo records that a building can have inner storage configurations to give we adult to 95.4TB of expostulate space (using 8 10TB 3.5-inch tough disks and a party of 3.84TB 2.5-inch SSDs).

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