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Lenovo’s Flex 11 Chromebook isn’t only for a classroom

Just in time for relatives and students comparison to start meditative of either they’ll need a new laptop for subsequent semester, Lenovo has a new Chromebook for 2017. The Lenovo Flex 11 Chromebook brings most of a ruggedized facilities found in a ThinkPad line of Chrome OS for preparation to shoppers everywhere in a automobile hybrid frame.

Starting during $279 (about £220, AU$370) when it hits stores after this month, a Flex 11 Chromebook comes housing an 11.6-inch, IPS hold arrangement with a barely-HD 1,366 by 768 resolution, 4GB of memory and 32GB of storage – all powered by a 2.1GHz quad-core ARM processor.

Lenovo hasn’t named a chip’s maker, though a MediaTek M8173C found inside a Acer Chromebook R13 wouldn’t be a bad guess.

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Junior’s initial laptop?

At any rate, that’s utterly a shiny-sounding Chromebook for underneath 300 bucks that isn’t glossy during all, literally speaking. The Flex 11 comes in a low gray, cosmetic support that can take drops of adult to 2.4 feet (75cm), given with reinforced ports (including USB-C) and a hermetic trackpad for brief resistance.

If that already wasn’t song to parents’ ears, a keyboard is brief resistant adult to 330mL, with channels underneath designed to track out liquids divided from conductive components.

The non-slip framework is all-around ideal for children – or generally awkward mechanism users – and weighs reduction than 3 pounds, improving a mobile appeal. A Lenovo-rated 10 hours of battery life should assistance with that.

And, of course, a Flex 11 is Lenovo’s bid to get in with what seems like a trend on a horizon: Chromebooks using Google Play Android apps. As such, a organisation promises clever opening with apps like Skype, Asphalt 8, Evernote and Slack.

Naturally, we’ll put all of those claims to a exam in a full review, so stay tuned before picking adult this intriguing small laptop when it lands after this month.

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