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Lenovo Ideapad 710S Plus

Introduction, Design Features

Typically, if you’re selling for a laptop to take with you—and take with we often—you’re looking during shopping something that emphasizes light weight over other aspects. After all, no indicate in lugging some-more weight than we need. The Lenovo IdeaPad 710S Plus suits a needs of a all-purpose lightweight laptop, and it does so yet creation large compromises on design, features, or price.

At around $899.99 in a indication we tested (the accurate SKU series was 80W3004MUS), a IdeaPad 710S Plus is one of a loftier-priced models in a IdeaPad lineup, that tends to stress low-cost bill models for consumers. But it also comes in during a reasonable cost among a competitors with identical traits. The weight is also right-on in a midrange-ultrabook mix. The competitors change in their offerings, with some charity some-more weight and some-more features, during a aloft price; or charity reduction weight, during a aloft price. The IdeaPad weighs 2.6 pounds, that puts it pound in a center of competitors in terms of weight. Pricier models tend to be closer to a 2-pound hyper-portable class, like a $1,038 Asus ZenBook 3HP Spectre x360Lenovo Yoga 910.

Another indicate that stands out about a IdeaPad 710S Plus: It uses a 13.3-inch arrangement that looks incomparable than we pattern with a slight bezels. Many laptops today—including a Lenovo Yoga 900 series—use a 12-inch arrangement as against to a 13.3-incher. Many ultraportable designs are bearing a 12- or 12.5-inch arrangement over a once-standard 13.3-inch, that on a Yoga line has been transposed by a 14-inch arrangement (technically, a 13.9-incher) in a framework pattern that once housed a 13.3-inch.

All of that is to say, with a IdeaPad 710S Plus you’re removing a good-size arrangement and a versatile element during a reasonable price. How good? Let’s find out.

Apple MacBook. The laptop has an all-metal magnesium and aluminum chassis, with stylishly beveled edges…

We quite appreciated a courtesy to fact here. For example, during a bottom of a laptop, using scarcely a breadth of a underside, are a movement slots; and alongside those, nearby a hinge, is a quarter-inch-thick frame of rubber piping.

As we used a laptop, we satisfied a rubber serves a double purpose. It helps to lift a laptop to concede atmosphere to opening from a slots. But it also serves as a stout nonetheless unimportant reason to squeeze a laptop—convenient for pulling it in and out of a bag for a airfield confidence bin. Two smaller rubber feet, about half a abyss of a incomparable swath, are during a front corners.

The lid, detached from a Lenovo branding, is a perfect steel expanse…

Open a lid and you’ll notice a identical courtesy to design—and another curtsy to Apple’s design. The energy symbol is integrated into a keyboard, during a tip right corner…

To energy a laptop on, only press; to go behind to nap mode, only press and hold. One reduction annoying automatic symbol along a side.

The rest of a keyboard is sincerely standard, with gentle spacing, width, and pivotal definition. The hold pad is silky well-spoken and simply sized during 4 inches wide, and a biometric fingerprint reader is off on a right side of a palm rest, for use with Windows Hello log-ins and other confidence applications.

The Webcam supports 720p imaging, that creates it endurable yet not during a spin of a cameras in a latest smartphones.

The laptop measures 0.58 in. thick and has a footprint of 12.2×8.7 inches. It starts during 2.6 pounds, creation it a acquire light weight for such a pretty labelled laptop.

The laptop comes with a good element of inputs. Along a left side sits a USB 2.0 port, an SD-card slot, and a reset pinhole.

At right sits a exclusive charging port, another USB 3.0 port, a USB Type-C pier (which also supports DisplayPort output), and a headphone/microphone jack…


The sharp, 13.3-inch IPS arrangement carries a 1,920×1,080-pixel local resolution—not as most as on aloft finish 4K competitors, yet positively adequate to minimize eye aria and for images to seem accurate. The anti-glare cloaking did a job, and we found a arrangement amply bright. In a exam images, videos, and Web pages, colors seemed colourful and accurate.

We did skip that this wasn’t a touch-screen display. For that, you’d have to step adult to a IdeaPad 710S Plus Touch, a apart model, that starts during $1,439.  

The laptop rubbed good in a usage. The display’s hinge felt stout and kept a arrangement resolutely in place, even if we grabbed a laptop by a arrangement (something we don’t usually do, yet attempted nonetheless). Audio sounded good by a stereo JBL-certified speakers with Dolby Audio Premium.

The energy button’s location, and a stroke of how to rivet it, took some removing used to; carrying a symbol inside a laptop was not a normal for us as long-time PC users. But we favourite that it meant we didn’t incidentally spin a device on, either, only by grabbing a corner in a wrong spot. 

We did nonplus over dual things, though. The inclusion of a USB 2.0 pier seems tying and odd; that pier is good for small over joining a rodent or a USB expostulate with a few papers on it. If we wanted to send information in any discernible apportion of gigabytes, you’d need to use a singular USB 3.0 pier or a USB Type-C pier (harder, given fewer information inclination use USB Type-C today). The other bauble that is some-more simply understood: a use of an AC charging pier instead of another USB port. Had this indication used USB Type-C for charging, that would have been considerable and forward-looking—and oral good to a altogether mobility story. The AC horse is lightweight and compact, yet it’s still a dedicated charger. At slightest a tip looks like it’s customary issue.

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