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Lenovo Ideapad 320 (15-inch)

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Pleased to accommodate you, Joe Consumer. We see we and your wife, Sunday Circular, have wandered into Best Buy in hunt of a laptop underneath $500. You’ll find many such machines here. There are notebooks with 4GB of RAM. These over here have 500GB tough drives. And of march there’s a whole shelf of Chromebooks.

But before we decide, might we advise we check out this model, a 15.6-inch Lenovo Ideapad 320 (sometimes shortened to 320-15IKB Touch; a letters are a anxiety to Intel “Kaby Lake,” yet we can safely omit that). It’s not utterly a bare-minimum system: Instead of a Pentium or Celeron processor, there’s a Core i3. Instead of 4GB of memory, a Lenovo has 6GB. Instead of a 500GB tough drive, you’ll find a 1TB drive. It even has a hold screen, that is fun and astonishing in this cost range. And during $479, it fits your budget.

Lenovo IdeaPad 320 (15-inch) angle

That associate in a dilemma fluttering his arms and jolt his head? Never mind him. He works for Computer Shopper. He doesn’t trust anyone should settle for an HD (1,366×768) rather than full HD (1,920×1,080) arrangement nowadays. And he tests dual laptops with solid-state drives each week, so he’ll protest about a delayed foot time of anything with an old-school tough drive. He’s a snob. The law about a Ideapad 320 is, we could do worse. Many buyers do.


Lenovo says a 320 is dressed in “uniquely witty tone-on-tone Platinum Gray,” that is a initial time we’ve listened gray described as playful. But a cosmetic lid contrasts easily with a rather darker cosmetic framework below, and a front corner comes together in a winding crowd that faintly reminded us of an oversized MacBook Air. There’s a Lenovo trademark etched into a lid and another next a screen.

Lenovo IdeaPad 320 (15-inch) back angle

Like other 15.6-inch notebooks, a Ideapad is comparatively large and heavy, measuring 0.9 by 14.9 by 10.2 inches and tipping a scale during 4.85 pounds. Don’t demeanour for a space-saving pattern of a Dell XPS 15 (0.66 by 14.1 by 9.3 inches) or other thin-bezeled systems; there’s a immeasurable area of palm rest, and new room on presumably side of a keyboard notwithstanding a latter’s containing a numeric keypad.

You can, however, demeanour for a underline that machines like a XPS 15 lack—an visual drive, located on a Lenovo’s right side. The DVD burner will let we suffer CDs and DVDs (not Blu-ray discs) and repository files to 4.7GB media. Except for a wire close slot, it’s a usually underline on a 320’s right edge.

Lenovo IdeaPad 320 (15-inch) right side

The ports are all on a left edge: a exclusive one for a compress energy adapter plug, Ethernet and HDMI ports, dual USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C port, an audio jack, an SD label slot, and a complement reset pinhole for use in emergencies. The USB-C pier is a USB 3.1 Gen 1 (in other words, USB 3.0 with a newer connector) information port; we shouldn’t design a Thunderbolt 3 pier during this price.

The usually thing lower-res than a Ideapad’s shade is a Webcam above it, that captures hairy 1,280×720 images. Considering a bad results, we were agreeably astounded that a 320’s sound wasn’t too bad—a small prosaic and lacking in bass, yet shrill adequate to fill a small room though being twisted or tinny. Your MP3’s will be recognizable.

Lenovo IdeaPad 320 (15-inch) left side


The keyboard facilities something that never fails to expostulate us crazy—half-sized adult and down arrow keys sandwiched between full-sized left and right arrows, in a quarrel instead of an inverted T. We don’t like it from HP or Apple, and we positively don’t like it from keyboard dilettante Lenovo. The arrow keys double adult with a Fn pivotal in lieu of dedicated Home, End, PgUp, and PgDn keys, too.

Lenovo IdeaPad 320 (15-inch) keyboard

Otherwise, a non-backlit keyboard is satisfactory, solely presumably for a small Delete key, with adequate transport and a frail typing feel. The top-row keys conveniently default to complement functions such as adjusting volume and brightness, teaming with a Fn pivotal if we wish F11 or whatever. There’s a square, Windows Hello-compatible fingerprint reader next a keypad. The buttonless hold pad performs uniformly if a small stiffly for lower-corner clicks.

Our usually genuine censure about a 320’s shade is a low resolution—1,366×768 pixels are something we can design to find in a 10- or during many 11.6-inch laptop or convertible, not a 15.6-inch desktop replacement. Our sister site PC Mag’s favorite full-sized bill notebook, a Acer Aspire E 15, offers a full HD arrangement for $349. Mere HD fortitude boundary we to 720p instead of 1080p video viewing; it cramps your character when modifying images or even when perplexing to see a operation of spreadsheet cells or calendar dates.

Lenovo IdeaPad 320 (15-inch) front

But yet it’s a common panel, a Ideapad’s is a high-quality one, with far-reaching observation angles (or sincerely wide, until a reflections that start with all hold screens interfere) and confidant colors. Brightness falls off neatly if we spin a backlight down to save battery power, yet during a tip integrate of settings you’ll find good contrast. Touch shade operations are well-spoken and precise.

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