Friday , 25 May 2018
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Leaseweb bolsters cloud sovereignty with ServInt acquisition

Cloud hosting hulk Leaseweb, that offers all demeanour of web hosting and CDN services, has announced a merger of ServInt, a heavyweight provider of managed hosting formed in North Virginia.

ServInt has been around for over 20 years and offers a operation of managed VPS and dedicated server skeleton directed during enterprises, alongside public, private and hybrid cloud products. The volume Leaseweb split out for a association wasn’t revealed.

Leaseweb pronounced a pierce had been done as partial of a expostulate to boost a participation in a US, that has been an ongoing bid given Leaseweb USA (part of Leaseweb Global) initial came to a American marketplace behind in 2011.

A series of acquisitions have been done given including picking adult in 2013, and Nobis Technology Group 3 years later.

Those who are existent business of ServInt will immediately be means to advantage from Leaseweb services, that camber some 19 information centers opposite a creation (over 4 continents).

Seamless strength

Lex Boost, CEO of Leaseweb USA, commented: “We are gay to acquire a ServInt group to Leaseweb to serve strengthen a position in a USA. They reason a unusual lane record on servicing and maintaining their business and their truth that a clever group creates a clever association fits ours seamlessly.

“With ServInt we combined another building retard to turn a heading cloud services provider in a United States.”

We have formerly reviewed Leaseweb’s CDN offering, and were formally tender by a feature-packed and rarely configurable nature.

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