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Leaked Microsoft request confirms Windows 10 Cloud and a Chromebook competitor

A Microsoft request detailing a smallest hardware specs for Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud-powered laptops seems to be a best justification nonetheless that Microsoft skeleton to launch a Chromebook aspirant on May 2.

Windows Central obtained a “recommended smallest spec” document, presumably handed out to Microsoft’s partners. The request outlines what Microsoft hopes to grasp with what a request calls an “Edu Cloud device” (and attention watchers have dubbed “Cloudbooks”): all-day battery life, a discerning foot and resume cycle, and during slightest a quad-core Intel Celeron processor powering it all. It’s also patrician “Windows 10 Cloud Performance Targets,” confirming a name of a new OS.

A Microsoft deputy declined to comment.

Microsoft’s invitation to an education-focused launch eventuality in New York on May 2 hinted strongly that a Chromebook competitor was in a cards Though Windows PCs browbeat a workplace, Google’s Chrome OS-powered Chromebooks have fast hidden themselves into American classrooms. Google and a partners have pitched Chromebooks as affordable, elementary to use and manage, and imperishable adequate to tarry tyro use. Windows 10 Cloud appears to be Microsoft’s try to go behind to school.

The impact on you: One pivotal advantage of a Chromebook, from Google’s perspective, is that it contributes to a just cycle: Kids use a renouned Android tablets and phones during home, afterwards entrance something identical in a classroom. To assistance mangle that chain, Microsoft needs to get kids used to Windows. While this competence have small impact on we personally, we competence contend that this is a quarrel for a hearts and minds of your children.

What Cloudbooks will contain

Windows 10 Cloud reportedly will shorten apps to a Windows Store, ominous a use of non-Store apps like Google Chrome. Microsoft’s request also records that a opening benchmarks assume a use of Intune device government policies specifically designed for a classroom.

The spec request seemingly states that Microsoft considers Chromebooks a arch competition. In a comparison of “performance benchmarks,” Microsoft’s aim is 10-plus hours of “all day” battery life, with cold-boot times of 20 seconds and resume times of underneath 2 seconds. The request does not list suggested pricing.

Likewise, Microsoft lays out what hardware a new inclination should include: a quad-core chip, like a Celeron, or higher; 4GB of RAM, and during slightest 32GB of eMMC or SSD storage. Interestingly, coop and touchscreen capabilities are listed as “optional,” that would drop one of a arch advantages that a standard Windows PC has over a Chromebook.

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