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Leaked benchmarks for Intel CPUs with AMD graphics are sparkling news for laptop gamers

Intel and AMD might be processor rivals, though as we saw during a start of this week, they’ve got together to furnish a new Intel Core H laptop CPU that will underline Radeon graphics – and benchmarks have only leaked display a energy of Intel’s chips that have integrated AMD GPUs.

The reported benchmarks speckled in a furious – and remember, zero is reliable during this indicate – uncover a span of quad-core ‘Kaby Lake G’ processors with integrated AMD graphics, a Core i7-8705G and i7-8809G, both of that have a bottom time of 3.1GHz and boost to 4.1GHz.

They competition integrated Radeon graphics with 24 discriminate units and 1,536 tide processors, 4GB of HBM2 memory, with a GPU clocked during 1000MHz for a obtuse model, and 1190MHz for a some-more absolute i7-8809G.

As TweakTown observes, a faster GPU will offer around 3.3 TFlops of discriminate performance, which, if we wanted to pull a comparison with consoles, is about half of a Xbox One X’s energy (but many closer to a PS4 Pro that stands during 4.2 TFlops).

Of course, tender TFlops is distant from a best and concept section of comparison for GPU performance, though we won’t go into that now – rather, this is about a story a leaked benchmarks tell.

Marks aplenty…

And there are copiousness of them, with some highlights including a Geekbench OpenCL measure of 76,607 for a some-more absolute i7-8809G, that unsurprisingly outperformed a obtuse i7-8705G in 3DMark 11 achieving an altogether measure of 4,111 contra 3,879 (check out a full benchmarks here: Geekbench, 3DMark 11, GFXBench).

Hot Hardware also speckled formula for a Core i7-8705G in a Ashes of Singularity benchmark during 1080p resolution, with a processor attack 53 fps during low details, and handling 33 fps with high details.

In short, these CPUs uncover a some-more than considerable spin of speed, and do indeed demeanour like they’re moulding adult to be a many absolute integrated graphics resolution going for a likes of thin-and-light laptops.

And bear in mind that these benchmarks are still for antecedent chips, too, so we could see even improved numbers when it comes to a finished products. Promising indeed.

Via: Liliputing

  • We could see notebooks with these CPUs in the best laptops before long
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