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Kobo Aura H20 Edition 2 review: A waterproof e-reader estimable of your consideration

Amazon Kindle owners have it flattering good. With a vast library of stream bestsellers, aged favorites, educational publications, comics, and magazines to select from, there’s small possibility of ever entrance adult brief of something to read, generally when we chuck Kindle Unlimited and a ability to share purchased books with members of your family into a mix. Kindle e-readers are good made, pleasing to use, and accessible during a series of cost points. Amazon’s attention prevalence is such that many other e-reader manufacturers hang on to diminutive slices of a marketplace with usually a smallest of finger holds.

And afterwards there’s Rakuten’s Kobo.

Over a past few years, Rakuten has revamped a e-readers’ pattern language, grown singular technologies that Amazon can usually dream of baking into a Kindle hardware and, maybe many importantly, tremendously stretched a accumulation of calm accessible for download. The formula of their efforts cap in a company’s latest device: The Kobo Aura H20 Edition 2. It’s a $180 waterproof e-reader designed to go toe-to-toe with Amazon’s flagship e-reader, a Kindle Oasis.

Design elements

Kobo Aura H2O 2nd Edition's backpanel Séamus Bellamy

The Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2’s backplate creates it easy to grip, even when wet.

With a 5.08 by 6.77 by 0.33-inch measure and a weight of 7.3 ounces, a Edition 2 weighs and feels some-more like a current-generation Kindle Paperwhite than Kobo’s first-generation Aura H20. Gone is a strange model’s particular bony backplate, that we desired as it was easy to keep a reason on. In a place, you’ll find a flat, textured cosmetic backplate with a energy symbol placed high and to a left. It’s a same design, nonetheless scaled down, as we get with a glorious Kobo Aura One. we found a Edition 2 still easy to hold, and a weight is roughly unnoticeable while carrying it in my backpack.

User Experience

As a name implies, a Aura H2O Edition 2 is waterproof, braggadocio an IPX rating of X8. This means that a e-reader isn’t rated for dirt incursion, though it can sojourn submerged in dual meters of H2O for adult to one hour. Taking a Edition 2 to a village swimming pool, we found this rating to be accurate. It was still organic after 45 mins of submersion.

kobo aura h2o 2nd book poolside Rakuten

You can take a Kobo Aura H2O Edition to a pool though wanting to worry if it gets dunked.

Anyone who enjoys holding their e-reader to a beach or plowing by pages poolside will be gratified by this feature. That said, if we were formulation on doing a bit of reading underwater, ready for disappointment: The some-more of a glass we get on a Edition 2, a some-more of a possibility there is of pronounced glass triggering a device’s touchscreen in astonishing ways. This can lead to we losing your mark in a book, unintentionally highlighting sections of a book, or any series of other frustrating results. This is disappointing, deliberation that a strange Aura H2O came with program facilities to safeguard that this would not happen.

Provided we keep a e-reader dry, you’ll be gratified with a Edition 2’s performance. Apart from a power/sleep button, there are no other earthy control on a device. Page turns, selections from a reader’s menu, and purchases from a Kobo store are all done around touchscreen.

As many as I’ve grown to suffer a page-turn buttons on a stream tip pick, a Kindle Oasis, we never missed them while regulating a Edition 2. we found a device’s capacitative arrangement to be supportive adequate to register many requests we done of it on a initial attempt. But, and this is an comprehensive win, a Edition 2’s OS is intelligent adequate to know that not each random toy of a arrangement means that it needs to spin a page or offer adult an options menu. And with 8GB of storage, you’ll always have adequate room for your reading element of choice.

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