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Killing Cortana: How to invalidate Windows 10’s info-hungry digital assistant

Killing Cortana isn’t as easy as it used to be.

When Windows 10 initial released, branch off Cortana was as elementary as flipping a switch in a digital assistant’s settings, yet Microsoft private a choice in a Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Now there’s no apparent approach to invalidate Cortana—but it is possible regulating not-so-obvious methods.

Completely eradicating Cortana requires a discerning and easy registry edit, that we’ll fact here. If we don’t wish Cortana espionage on we yet also rebuff a thought of mucking with your PC’s deepest program innards, PCWorld’s beam to privacy-boosting Cortana tweaks can uncover we how to extent a personal information it sends Microsoft. Cortana will still run in a credentials with singular functionality if we don’t perform a registry edit, though.

How to spin off Cortana in Windows 10

Hold your horses! As elementary as this is, it’s always a good thought to create a complement revive point before modifying a Windows registry—so go forward and do that now. It usually takes a minute. (Ironically, a easiest approach to do so is to hunt for “restore point” with Cortana.)

With that out of a way, let’s start registry hacking.

Brad Chacos/IDG

Press Windows Key + R simultaneously on your keyboard to move adult a Run interface, afterwards form regedit into a box and press Enter. Depending on your confidence settings we competence be stirred to give Windows accede to run a Registry Editor. If so, do so.

Once a Registry Editor is open, navigate to a following folder in a left-hand navigation pane: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Policies Microsoft Windows Windows Search.

Brad Chacos/IDG

Here’s a usually potentially wily part: You competence not see a Windows Search folder. If it isn’t there, right-click a Windows folder, name New Key, and name it Windows Search.

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