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Kaspersky calls BS on claims it enabled hack on NSA contractor

RUSSIAN SECURITY COMPANY Kaspersky has been hit with more espionage-related accusations from the US, and this time it is being associated with a state-sponsored hack on a National Security Agency (NSA) contractor.

Shame on the NSA. If its contractors are open to hacking it is not doing something right. Kaspersky consistently reacts to these accusations with statements that it is always doing something right, and has repeatedly offered itself up for inspection.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the victim here is the Vietnamese contractor who was hired to replace and improve on the work done by another contractor, Edward Snowden. It says that he took his work home with him and that it was there that his laptop was compromised

A report on the Guardian explains that hackers clocked onto the fact that the contractor was using Kaspersky antivirus and saw this as a nice way into his laptop, by “alerting Russian hackers to the presence of files that may have been taken from the NSA”

Eugene Kaspersky, head of the security firm, has been quick to respond to the suggestion that it is in the wrong here, which is something that he must be getting used to. He said that the stories “sounds like the script of a C movie, and again – [were] disclosed by anonymous sources (what a surprise)”.

He added that Kaspersky is in the business of keeping its customers secure, not in leaving them open to people.

“We absolutely and aggressively detect and clean malware infections no matter the source and we have been proudly doing it for 20 years. This is the reason why we consistently get top ratings in independent, third-party malware detection tests. We make no apologies for being aggressive in the battle against malware and cybercriminals – you shouldn’t accept any less. Period,” he added.

“Any of our experts would consider it unethical to abuse user trust in order to facilitate spying by any government. Even if, let’s say, one or two such people would somehow infiltrate the company, there are dozens of internal technological and organizational strategies to mitigate the risk and 3000+ people working in Kaspersky Lab and some of them would notice something like that. It’s impossible to hide it from everybody.” µ



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