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June’s Windows numbers: Microsoft Windows 7 maintains grip

Windows 7 in Jun simply defended a majority, powering over half of all Windows PCs, some-more justification that a confirmed handling complement will be formidable to examine from enterprises before a scheduled retirement.

The OS will be struck from Microsoft’s support list in dual and a half years, on Jan. 14, 2020.

June’s Windows 7 user share — an guess of a commission of a world’s personal computers powered by a eight-year-old handling complement — was 49%, according to U.S. analytics association Net Applications. However, Windows 7 ran 53.6% of all Windows machines. (The disproportion between a dual total stems from a fact that Windows powers 91.5% of a globe’s personal computers, not 100%.)

Windows 7’s share has not budged in a final 12 months, even as other editions have left by estimable shifts. Windows 8 and 8.1, for example, jettisoned 2.7 commission points in a past year, finale Jun with a user share of 7.8%. Windows 10 gained scarcely 8 points in a same span, posting a 26.8% share of all personal computers for Jun — and a 32.8% share of Windows PCs.

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