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Jeepers creepers! Amazon’s Alexa can now speak a whole garland of UK slang. Cha-ching!

OH, MY GIDDY AUNT! Amazon has combined a series of new ‘Speechcons’ to a Alexa Skills Kit directed privately during creation Alexa powered inclination more… well, human. Mazel tov.

‘Ooh La La’ we hear we cry. Well, review ‘em and yowl since a list of idioms directed during a British marketplace has been… cha0ching… extended with a whole garland of mostly incomprehensible difference and phrases done to give Echo and other inclination that use a tech, a bit reduction robot-y. Booya!

Amongst a codswallop are some phrases that are… solicit solicit dun… spectacular, including ‘geronimo’, ‘great scott’ ‘’jimminy cricket’ ‘spoiler alert’ and ‘whoops a daisy’, and a garland of others, yadda yadda yadda.

‘Wowza’ we hear we cry. Well, that’s not all since she’s also been given some new Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) tags (sort of digital written ticks) to urge her respirating intonation and ability to whisper, all of that give her a bit some-more of a tellurian quality. Zoinks. Yeah, we know, it’s creepy yet review ’em and weep.

Amazon explains; “The new functionality is useful for skills like those that embody long-form audio where Alexa should take a exhale between prolonged sentences or wheeze for thespian effect.”

It could be connected to a new launch of a Amazon Echo Look, that would concede Alexa to wheeze ‘you demeanour a f*cking state’ when a conditions warrants.

The fact that many of these phrases, yet in common parlance, aren’t indeed of British start (d’oh!) is a thoughtfulness of a multicultural melting pot we limeys indeed are, so it’s a correct ‘good riddance’ to a rather pretentious phrases that Alexa is now singular to.

Many of a phrases are already in a US chronicle yet these additions to a UK English dictionary will make it even some-more appealing for UK developers to write ‘skills’ for a internal market.

You can also now supplement an clamour bleep if we don’t wish her to swear her small conduct off, that we rather think that Amazon would cite we make her do didn’t either.

You can see and hear a full list of difference and phrases here.

Simples. µ



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