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JEDEC’s UFS 3.0 will double a bandwidth of peep storage

Standards physique JEDEC has betrothed that a newest standard, Universal Flash Storage (UFS) chronicle 3.0, will double a bandwidth and reduce a energy expenditure of peep storage.

UFS 3.0, which will be used in destiny mobile devices, Chromebooks, VR headsets and automotive devices, doubles a per-lane opening of UFS 2.1 to 11.6 Gbps, augmenting the peak information send rate of a storage device to 23.2 Gbps.

The new customary also introduces a 2.5 V VCC energy supply mode, that enables reduce energy expenditure and support for a latest forms of NAND. 

JEDEC has introduced dual new facilities to UFS 3.0, privately for a automotive market: a ability to duty during an extended heat operation (-40°C to 105°C) and modernise operation with combined horde control resource to boost reliability.

Also this week, JEDEC introduced an updated chronicle of a UFS Card Extension:

“UFS 3.0, UFSHCI 3.0 and a UFS Card Extension refurbish offer a horde of enhancements over a before versions of these standards that will assistance product designers capacitate poignant improvements in mobile inclination and associated applications,” pronounced Mian Quddus, authority of a JEDEC Board of Directors and a JC-64 Committee for Embedded Memory Storage and Removable Memory Cards.

He added: “The further of facilities privately for a automotive marketplace underscores a joining of JEDEC members to continue to develop a UFS ecosystem to accommodate a needs of a attention and, ultimately, a consumer.”

It’s expected going to be some time until companies exercise UFS 3.0, though SamMobile speculates that Samsung will be among a initial to adopt it.

Samsung started to furnish the industry’s initial UFS resolution for use in automotive applications back in Sep final year, formed on a – during a time – many present UFS 2.1 standard, and was also a initial association to deliver 128GB embedded memory based on a UFS 2.0 customary in 2015.

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