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Java and JavaScript UK’s many in-demand developer skills – and there’s a flourishing AWS skills

The latest total on a developer ecosystem from Stack Overflow suggests that Java and JavaScript sojourn dual of a many in-demand coding and scripting languages in a UK. 

The developer village website, that provides a village forum for techie forms to ask recommendation on programming challenges, is focusing a initial of 4 reports this year on employment. 

Python, JavaScript and Java tip Stack Overflow’s list of the fastest-growing scripting/development languages, with expansion of 10 per cent each. They were followed by C# on 8 per cent, HTML and PHP pity 5 per cent apiece, while jQuery, CSS, Android and SQL are on 4 per cent each.

This creates a slight emanate for employers.

Despite being a fifth most-requested ability in Stack Overflow’s pursuit section, Amazon Web Services (AWS) doesn’t seem on a list during all.

The information was collected by Stack Overflow from user questions, views and answers, by language, IP address, and poise from that IP address.

It’s not a foolproof survey. For example, it doesn’t take into comment informal variations and somewhere like Canary Wharf has a jagged series of finance-based IT roles, that use opposite languages and collection in areas where, for example, web growth is king.

A discerning demeanour during Stack Overflow Jobs shows, for example, a head of mobile for a BBC, formed in Salford, an instance of an employer apropos increasingly reduction “London-centric”.

It also doesn’t simulate what languages are being used for.

Python scores rarely as it is a good initial denunciation and is therefore lopsided by a preparation zone – definition a direct for AWS is indeed substantially some-more essential than Stack Overflow’s investigate creates out. But, equally, it might emanate an apparition of Python jobs that simply aren’t there.

This time final year, Stack Overflow conducted a survey that showed that 55.4 per cent of users were using Javascript, followed by SQL, Java, C# and PHP, while a many in-demand ability was for Android developers.

It also reflected that a user bottom was roughly wholly (94.1 percent) male, and we’ll be meddlesome to see if that terrible figure has softened any this year. 

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