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It’s not a SAN: ATO says mainframe indispensable a reboot

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has denied a outage gifted on Wednesday was associated to a HPE SAN issue that has been plaguing a supervision dialect given December.

In a statement, a ATO pronounced a systems are behind adult and using with full functionality, following a intrusion that impacted a mainframe, 5 days into a new financial year.

“We identified few complement issues early this afternoon inspiring a mainframe and impacting on a services to a community,” a Taxation Office said. “This was caused by applications using incorrectly.”

The ATO pronounced it took “controlled action” to reboot a mainframe to solve a issue, and pronounced a systems were not compromised, that no information had been lost, nor that it was theme to a cyber attack.

“The emanate gifted currently does not describe to a ATO’s capability and ability to broach for Tax Time 2017,” a supervision entity explained.

“While an outage is not optimal, a preference currently to residence a degraded complement opening was to safeguard they were entirely operational for a 8.00-9.00pm window when we know a infancy of people select to board their taxation returns.”

Services impacted by Wednesday’s outage enclosed ATO Online services, including myTax; The Tax Agent, Business, and BAS Agent Portals; Standard Business Reporting (SBR); a Australian Business Register (ABR); and a department’s box government systems.

“The ATO operates a rarely worldly and formidable IT environment. We do whatever we can to minimise any impact on a ability to yield arguable services,” a matter continued.

The ATO pronounced Wednesday’s outage, that occurred shortly after Australian Commissioner of Taxation Chris Jordan told a National Press Club a Taxation Office expects a IT will work uniformly in a future, was not associated to new hardware issues or a storage area network (SAN).

A news on a array of outages a Taxation Office gifted as a outcome of a disaster of a HPE owned and operated apparatus during a finish of 2016 pronounced a SAN could not hoop some-more than one expostulate or enclosure failure interjection to a pattern preference taken by HPE.

As remarkable by a report, an research of logs from a 6 months before a occurrence showed a series of alerts indicating problems with a SAN.

“Since May 2016, during slightest 77 events associated to components that were celebrated to destroy in a Dec 2016 occurrence were logged in a occurrence fortitude tool,” a ATO pronounced previously. “We were not done entirely wakeful of a stress of a stability trend of alerts, nor a broader systems impacts that would outcome from a disaster of a 3PAR SAN.”

The accurate base means for a outage is tentative a news from HPE due to arrive in late 2017, however a news placed censure on a plunge of a series of twine ocular cables used within a SAN.

Most ban was HPE’s miss of credentials for an eventuality of a kind gifted by a ATO in December.

“Recovery procedures for applications in a eventuality of a finish SAN outage had not been tangible or tested by HPE,” a ATO said.

As a outcome of a incidents, a ATO has rebuilt a storage resolution with a new 3PAR, and once information from a existent 3PAR SAN is transferred, it will be decommissioned in Jul for debate analysis.

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